What are the characters in Hero and the Terror movie

The characters in Hero and the Terror movie are
TV Announcer - Tiiu Leek
Ginger - Karen Lorre
Boutique Owner - Francette Mace
Businesswoman - Michelle (I) Michaels
Media Person - Leona Mills
Harriet - Melanie Noble
Receptionist - Shelley Pogoda
Policewoman - Diane (I) Robinson
Policewoman - Diane (I) Robinson
Baby - Cherie Sassoon
Kay - Brynn Thayer
Betsy - Heather Blodgett
Doctor - Christine (II) Wagner
Restaurant Staff - Cynthia Wilde
Nurse - Chesher Cat
Media Person - Lucy Lee Flippin
Gina - Winifred Freedman
Ginger's Manager - Lorry Goldman
Copelli - Joe Guzaldo
Cop - Robert (I) Hammond
Interviewer - Bill (I) Harris
Maitre D' - Saladin James
Robinson - Steve (I) James
Doctor - Michael (I) King
Dwight - Jeffrey (I) Kramer
Coroner - Doyle McCurley
Parking Attendant - Theodore J. Mehous
Chief Bridges - Peter (I) Miller
Priest - Beans Morocco
Danny O'Brien - Chuck Norris
Simon Moon - Jack (I) O'Halloran
Mayor - Ron (I) O'Neal
Trainer - Benny Podda
Victor - Branscombe Richmond
Cop - Gary (I) Rooney
Restaurant Staff - Jamison Shea
Cop - Phil Shipko
Intern - Ron Shipp
Media Person - John Solari
Civil Engineer - William (II) Tannen
Wall - Robert (I) Wall
Police Sergeant - Henry O. Watson
Restaurant Staff - John David Yarborough
Baby - Antonio Canale
Dobeny - Tony DiBenedetto
Dr. Highwater - Billy Drago
Theater Manager - Murphy Dunne

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