What are the characters in Heroes for Hire movie

The characters in Heroes for Hire movie are
Party Guest - Myra Kreiman
Party Guest - Jennifer (IV) Oliver
Mrs. Arlington - Barbara (II) Parks
Party Guest - Susan (VIII) Fleming
Party Guest - Katherine (IV) Graham
Liza - Liza Hutton
Party Guest - Christine (I) Jacob
Helicopter Pilot - Lincoln (II) Abraham
Curly - Jim (I) Gaines
Escaler - Eric (III) Harris
TJ Robinson - Bill (XII) James
Kidnapper - Steven (XIV) King
Bodyguard of Arlington - David Leeves
Charles Barner - Robert Marius
Policeman - Bradley (VI) Martin
Police Chief - Gerald (I) McCoy
Collins - Warren McLean
Party Guest - John McVee
Policeman - Terence Miles
Professor Arlington - Mike Monty
Cunningham - Jim (I) Moss
Berenkov - Nick (I) Nicholson
McPearson - Bruce Baron
Magnum - Jerry Bayron
Policeman - Ted (II) Park
Cactus - Don (XI) Parker
Party Guest - Maynard Parkes
Kidnapper - William Slate
Bodyguard of Arlington - Theodore Stanger
Heroes For Hire Manager Paul - Jack (II) Steward
Kidnapper - Richard Unes
Party Guest - Richard Vokey
Doctor - Paul (IV) Williams
Policeman - Walter (VI) Williams
Party Guest - Jacob (XII) Young
Bodyguard of Arlington - Thomas Bogert
Driver of Berenkov - Martin (II) Casey
Ninja - Tony (II) Chang
Kidnapper - Tony (V) Clifton
Policeman - Fred (II) Coleman
Kidnapper - Tim (XVII) Collins
Policeman - John (III) Crocker
Kidnapper - Joseph (III) Dwyer
Party Guest - David Fouquet

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