What are the characters in Hey, Rookie movie

The characters in Hey, Rookie movie are
Winnie Clark - Ann (I) Miller
Chief WAC - Jeanne (I) Bates
Mrs. Clark - Barbara (I) Brown
Specialty - Judy (I) Clark
Sgt. Ack-Ack - Forrest J Ackerman
Jokester - Eddie Acuff
Specialty - Jack (I) Gilford
Band Singer Bob Haymes - Bob Haymes
Specialty - Hi-Lo Jack and the Dame
Col. Robbins - Selmer Jackson
Stage Manager - Eddie Laughton
Bert Pfeiffer - Jimmy (I) Little
Jitterbug - Robert (I) Lowell
Call Boy - Teddy Mangean
Bored Man - Sid Melton
Pianist - Harry Barris
Specialty - Jerry O'Leary
Specialty - Hal McIntyre's Orchestra
Jim Leighter - Larry (I) Parks
M.C. - Joey (I) Ray
Highbrow - Jack (I) Rice
Sergeant - Joe (I) Sawyer
Cpl. Trupp - Syd Saylor
Dancer - Bill Shawn
Captain - Mel Shubert
Specialty - The Six Solid Senders
Capt. Jessop - Larry (I) Thompson
General Willis - Charles (I) Trowbridge
Soldier - John (II) Tyrrell
Specialty - The (I) Vagabonds
Psychiatrist - Philip Van Zandt
Maxon - Doodles Weaver
Sam Jonas - Charles C. Wilson
Pendelton (Pudge) Pfeiffer - Joe Besser
Johnson Brothers - Johnson Brothers
Jitterbugger - Johnny (I) Clark
Specialty - Frank Condos
Specialty - Harry Condos
Specialty - Steve Condos
Sergeant - Dick (I) Curtis
Bopkins - Jimmie Dodd
Sourpuss - Tom (I) Dugan
Doctor - Eddie (I) Dunn
Sergeant - Ralph Dunn
Captain Mulligan - George Eldredge
Specialty - Bob (I) Evans

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