What are the characters in Hit by Lightning movie

The characters in Hit by Lightning movie are
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Jen Julien
Hipster - Marcela Kafie
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Rachelle Lalonde
The Ex-Girlfriend - Jodi Larratt
Hip Luncher/walker - Julia A. Long
Ashlee - Alexis Maitland
17 Year Old - Sarah McArdle
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Grace (III) Miller
Harley Girl - Wendy Pasher
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Donna St-Jean
Debbie's Customer - Michelle (IV) Stewart
Danita - Stephanie Szostak
The Bride - Nathaly Thibault
Wedding Guest - Martine Berthiaume
Hipster - Robyn Vezina
Office assistant - Shannon (V) Walker
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Kelly (V) Carlson
Tracey (Seth's girlfriend) - Chantal Chamandy
Wedding dancer - Kerrin Cochrane
Diner Patron - Lisa (II) Cumming
Diner Patron - Jocelyn Deighton
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Megan Gougeon
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Kristin Groulx
Harley Girl - Janet Hetherington
Seth's secretary - Patti Hovey
Hipster Guy - Agustin Guevara
Wedding Guest/Bookstore Patron - Alan Lummiss
Debby's Customer - Tristan McIntosh
Accountant - Ian Porteous
Ben Jacobs/Rabbai - Jed Rees
Wedding Guest - Zachary Rigby
Seth - Will Sasso
Moviegoer - Vincent Scattolon
Dylan - Richard Roy Sutton
Policeman - Sean (I) Tucker
Restaurant Patron/Passerby - Roger Wehbe
13 Year Old Boy - Harley Chamandy
Diner Patron - Jory Crumb
Ricky Miller - Jon Cryer
Wedding Guest - Dan (I) Desmarais
Wedding Band Guitarist - Stephen K. Donnelly
Jorge - Braulio Elicer

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