What are the characters in Hobgoblins movie

The characters in Hobgoblins movie are
Daphne - Kelley Palmer
Amy - Paige (I) Sullivan
Fantazia - Tamara Clatterbuck
Pixie - Kari French
Thug - Ken (I) Abraham
Fontanelles--Bass - Mark (I) Hodson
Dennis - Kevin Kildow
Sergeant Parker - James (III) Mayberry
Comstock - Don (III) Barrett
Kevin - Tom (I) Bartlett
Club Scum M.C - Daran Norris
Fontanelles--Vocal - Spit Spingola
Lowlife - David (I) Teague
Roadrash - Duane Whitaker
Kyle - Steven Boggs
Fontanelles--Guitar - Patrick Dean Bostrom
Fontanelles--Drums - Tony Cisero
Fontanelles--Guitar - Cole Coonce
McCreedy - Jeffrey Culver
Nick - Billy (I) Frank

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