What are the characters in Hoi Polloi movie

The characters in Hoi Polloi movie are
Party Guest - Gail Arnold
Duchess - Kathryn McHugh
Nichols' Daughter - Betty (I) McMahon
Dance Instructor - Geneva Mitchell
Curley's burly dance partner - Blanche Payson
Woman with cigar smoker - Poppy Wilde
Nichols' Daughter - Phyllis Crane
Party Guest - Harriett De Busman
Blonde Party Guest - Mary Dees
Party Guest - Celeste Edwards
Mrs. Richmond - Grace Goodall
Prof. Nichols - Robert (I) Graves
Prof. Richmond - Harry Holman
Curley - Curly Howard
Moe - Moe (I) Howard
Larry's dance partner - William (I) Irving
Butler - Bud Jamison
Party Guest - Jack 'Tiny' Lipson
Party Guest - Billy (I) Mann
Party Guest - Robert (I) McKenzie
Party Guest wearing toup?e - James C. Morton
Party Guest - Arthur Rankin
Party Guest - Don (I) Roberts
Ma?tre d' - Gino Corrado
Larry - Larry (I) Fine
Man with cigar - George B. French

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