What are the characters in Hollow Triumph movie

The characters in Hollow Triumph movie are
Hotel Lady with Orchid - Babe London
Woman in Backseat - Vera Marshe
Woman - Joan Myles
Charwoman - Mabel Paige
Mrs. Neyhmer - Constance Purdy
Mrs. Neyhmer - Constance Purdy
Blonde - Ann Staunton
Hotel Guest - Amzie Strickland
Evelyn Hahn - Joan (I) Bennett
Woman - Jeanne Blackford
Hotel Guest - Lulu Mae Bohrman
Mrs. Gerry - Norma Varden
Hotel Guest - Florence Wix
Virginia Taylor - Leslie (II) Brooks
Woman - Dulcie Day
Mrs. Nielson, Patient - Catherine Doucet
Nurse - Cay Forester
Woman - Felice Ingersoll
Margie - Carmencita Johnson
Rosie - Robert Ben Ali
Coblenz - Charles Arnt
Jerry - Alvin Hammer
John Muller/Dr. Bartok - Paul Henreid
Rocky Stansyck - Thomas Browne Henry
Patron - Tony (I) Horton
Bellboy - Victor (I) Jones
Ship's Official at Dock - Lyle Latell
Newcomer - Nolan Leary
Mr. Davis - Lucien Littlefield
Stansyck Hood - George Magrill
Hiker - Jerry Marlowe
Washroom Attendant - Renny McEvoy
Doorman - Philip (I) Morris
Stansyck Hood Who Jumps Big Boy - Gil (I) Perkins
Swangron - John Qualen
Harry - Cyril Ring
Cabbie - Benny Rubin
Marcy - Herbert Rudley
Maxwell's Thug - Dave Shilling
Mr. Thompson - Tom (I) Stevenson
Artell - Manager - Sid Tomack
Deputy - Charles (I) Trowbridge
Bullseye - Jack (I) Webb
Bullseye's Sidekick - Dick Wessel
Cashier - Mack (I) Williams
Al - Bud (I) Wolfe
Man at Dock - Ray (I) Bennett
Maxwell's Thug - Robert (I) Bice
Big Boy - Henry (I) Brandon
Clerk - Paul E. Burns
Man - Steve (I) Carruthers
Aubrey - Assistant - George (I) Chandler
Motorist - Cliff (I) Clark
Man - Sayre Dearing
Marty - Eddie (I) Dunn
Housekeeper - Joaquin Elizondo
Howard Anderson - Morgan Farley
Big Winner - Franklyn Farnum
Patron - Sam Finn
Frederick Muller - Eduard Franz
William - Joel Friedkin

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