What are the characters in Holy Musical B@man! movie

The characters in Holy Musical B@man! movie are
Vicki Vale/Evil Mother Goose - Julia Albain
Commissioner Gordon/Calendar Man - Lauren (I) Lopez
The Riddler/T.G.I. Fridays Worker - Meredith Stepien
Candy/Poison Ivy - Jaime Lyn Beatty
Catwoman/Pizza Guy - Denise (III) Donovan
Sluggers/Sherlock Holmes/Citizen - Nico Ager
Alfred/Two-Face - Chris (LIV) Allen
Superman - Brian (VII) Holden
Robin - Nick (III) Lang
Matches/Mr. Freeze - Jim Povolo
Scarecrow/The Green Lantern - Dylan (II) Saunders
The Penguin/Cop - Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia
Batman - Joe (XXI) Walker
Sweet Tooth - Jeff Blim

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