What are the characters in Honor Among Lovers movie

The characters in Honor Among Lovers movie are
Party Guest - Grace Kern
Margaret Newton - Janet McLeary
Party Guest - Betty Morrissey
Doris Brown - Ginger Rogers
Doris Brown - Ginger Rogers
Maybelle Worthington - Avonne Taylor
Mrs. Fleming, Party Guest - Roberta Beatty
Julia Traynor - Claudette (I) Colbert
Party Guest - Winifred Harris
Wilkes - Charles Halton
Inspector - John (I) Kearney
Jerry Stafford - Fredric March
Riggs - Ralph (I) Morgan
Detective - Robert Barrat
Clark - Granville Bates
Conroy - Pat (I) O'Brien
Philip Craig - Monroe Owsley
Bit Role - Nathan Rozofsky
Monty Dunn - Charles Ruggles
Cunningham, Craig's Attorney - Charles (I) Trowbridge
Club Waiter - Si Wills
Forbes, Butler - Leonard Carey
Office Boy - Elisha Cook Jr.
Louis, Headwaiter - Jules Epailly

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