What are the characters in Hopeless movie

The characters in Hopeless movie are
Beautiful Maid - Ana Kasparian
Amber - Chrissy Lawver
Party Guest - Jenny (II) Lin
Wendy - Erica (II) Lowe
Katie - Cynthia Marsh
Cassandra - Cherub Moore
The Zombie Chick - Celey Schumer
Aleo - Sally Stockwell
Maryann - Mia Taumoepeau
Candice - Aisha Benton
Party Guest - Julie Berlin
Maryann - Mia Blake
Adult Hope - Crystal T. (I) Williams
Linda - Maris Brill
Getana - Catherine Anne Burns
Rosalee - Flavia DiBartolo
Michelle - Amanda Fuller
Andrew's Date/Henry's Sister - Lindsey Gary
Sophia - Hannah Grau
Maria - Kimberly Gresham
Trish - Lydia (I) Harris
Andrew - Ross (I) Alden
Richard - Adam Gardiner
Officer Corman - Colton Hayward
Party Guest - Chase Heffner
Iain - Anthony (II) Johnston
Party Guest - David Lautman
Sam - Cliff (I) Lee
Waiter - Titus Lindstrom
James - Elijah Manning
William - Erik (I) McKay
Party Guest - Charles (V) Moss
Summer - Satchel Bell
Flea - Tim O'Hearn
Party Guest - Adam Ottmar
Officer Browning - Andy Philippi
Party Guest - Brian (V) Phillips
Ben - Phil Pinner
Fred Murnau - Rob (I) Putansu
Party Guest - Joe Selmser
Golf Guy - Gregory (V) Stone
Timmy - Charles Everett Tacker
Sleazy Motel Clerk - Cenk Uygur
Hope - Kayla Ventura
James - Tye White
Henry - Joe (III) Williamson
Phil - Scott (I) Wills
Older Guy In Booth - Frank Bettag
Mike - Aidan Bristow
Party Guest - Jake (I) Brown
Karen - Misty Lee Cameron
Party Guest / Homeless Guy - John (I) Candelaria
Jay - Paul Chasant
Vincent - Doug Couture
Party Guest - Logan Cross
Father Boris - Geoff (III) Curtis
Dr. Dwight Frye - Henry Frost III
Party Guest - James Fuertes

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