What are the characters in Horns movie

The characters in Horns movie are
Nurse Delilah - Kendra (I) Anderson
Glenna Shepherd at 13 - Laine MacNeil
Waitress - Gemma Bird Matheson
Mary, young mother - Meredith McGeachie
Protester - Marilyn Norry
Lydia Perrish - Kathleen Quinlan
Lydia Perrish - Kathleen Quinlan
Mrs. Tourneau - Nancy Sivak
Merrin Williams - Juno Temple
Little Girl - Sarah Boey
Receptionist - Christine Willes
Radio Reporter - Desiree Zurowski
Merrin Williams at 13 - Sabrina Carpenter
Glenna Shepherd - Kelli Garner
Veronica - Heather (I) Graham
Eric Hannity - Michael Adamthwaite
Terry Perrish at 15 - Jared Ager-Foster
TV Reporter - Reese (I) Alexander
Terry Perrish - Joe (VI) Anderson
Ig Perrish at 13 - Mitchell Kummen
Wallace Sturtz - Nels Lennarson
Terry's Jazz Quintet - Kieron Rhys Lillo
E.R. Doctor - Cameron (IV) McDonald
Eric Hannity at 15 - Erik (I) McNamee
Lee Tourneau - Max Minghella
Terry's Jazz Quintet - Richard (XIX) Mitchell
Dale Williams - David (I) Morse
Terry's Jazz Quintet - Mark Muskiw
Unemployed Barfly - Graem Beddoes
Golf Pro - Panou
Exhibitionist Barfly - Eric Pollins
Ig Perrish - Daniel Radcliffe
Derrick Perrish - James Remar
Lee Tourneau at 13 - Dylan Schmid
Diner Manager - John (XXIV) Stewart
Terry's Jazz Quintet - Tyson Sully
Al O'Hara - Don (I) Thompson
Stan, the Barfly - Dean Wray
Dr. Renald - Alex Zahara
Eric's Father - Christian (I) Bower
Father Mould - Jay Brazeau
Terry's Bass Player - Ryan Clare
Antique Store Owner - Pesi Daruwalla

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