What are the characters in Housemaster movie

The characters in Housemaster movie are
Matron - Muriel Martin-Harvey
Rosemary Faringdon - Terry (I) Randall
Chris Faringdon - Ren� (I) Ray
Rosemary Faringdon - Terry (I) Randall
Chris Faringdon - Ren� (I) Ray
Barbara Fane - Winifred Shotter
Chris Faringdon - Dorothy (I) Stewart
Barbara Fane - Joyce Barbour
Button Faringdon - Rosamund Barnes
Ellen - Dora Barton
Button Faringdon - Margaret Barton
Rosemary Faringdon - Diana (I) Churchill
Oily Boyd - Michael (I) Anderson
Bimbo Faringdon - William (I) Graham
Travers - Jimmy Hanley
Bimbo Faringdon - Henry Hepworth
Philip de Pourville - Phillips Holmes
Philip de Pourville - Arthur (III) Howard
Frank Hastings - Walter Hudd
Charles Donkin - Jack Hulbert
Pop - Paul Jago
Crump - Laurence Kitchin
Charles Donkin - Otto Kruger
The Rev. Edmund Ovington - Eric Maturin
Crump - Maurice Nicholas
Sir Berkeley Nightingale - Cecil Parker
The Rev. Ovington - Kynaston Reeves
Young lad - Philip Ridgeway
Victor Beamish - Michael (I) Shepley
Frank Hastings - Ronald Simpson
Flossie Nightingale - Barry Steele
Sir Berkeley Nightingale - H.G. Stoker
Flossie Nightingale - John (II) Wood
Victor Beamish - Frederick Bradshaw
Undetermined Minor Role - John (I) Clements

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