What are the characters in Humoresque movie

The characters in Humoresque movie are
Gina as a Girl - Sylvia Arslan
Florence Boray - Peggy Knudsen
Night Club Singer - Peg La Centra
Florence as a Girl - Ann Lawrence
Mrs. Klein - Esther Michelson
Esther Boray - Ruth Nelson
Gina Berg (formerly Minnie Ginsberg) - Alma Rubens
Mrs. Isadore Kantor - Ruth (I) Sabin
Dead Lady with Head Wound - Kristina Balbo
Fritzie - Bauer's Secretary - Patricia (I) Barry
Minnie Ginsberg - Miriam Battista
Lucy - Michelle Violette
Esther Kantor (adult) - Ann Wallack
Gina Romney - Joan (I) Chandler
Esther Kantor (child) - Helen (I) Connelly
Helen Wright - Joan (I) Crawford
Boray Fan - Bess Flowers
Mama Kantor - Vera Gordon
Tipsy Blonde at Party - Angela Greene
Redhead Snob with Sid at Party - Jane Harker
Rozner - John (I) Abbott
Boy on street - Gary (I) Armstrong
Bauer - Richard (I) Gaines
Paul Boray - John (I) Garfield
Leon Kantor (adult) - Gaston Glass
Rudolph Kantor (child) - Alfred Goldberg
Sam - Harry Guakomoli
Professor - Creighton Hale
Hagerstrom - Fritz Leiber
Sid Jeffers - Oscar Levant
Isadore Kantor (adult) - Maurice Levigne
Ralph - Jackie Lovell
Eddie - Don (I) McGuire
Baby Kantor - Frank (I) Mitchell
Rudy Boray - J. Carrol Naish
Orchestra Leader - Nestor Paiva
Theater Worker - Paul Panzer
Boris Kantor - Maurice Peckre
Garbage Guy Who Gets Killed - Tim (XXIX) Ryan
Rudolph Kator (adult) - Edward Stanton
Sol Ginsberg - Louis Stern
Monte Loeffler - Craig (I) Stevens
Man with Dog - Don (I) Turner
Teddy - Richard (I) Walsh
Teenage Neck Snapping Victim - Isaac Woodbury High
Paul Boray as a Child - Robert (I) Blake
Moving Man - Monte Blue
Bad Ass Van - Eddy Bolz
Jeffers - Toy Shop Proprietor - Harlan Briggs
Mannie Kantor - Sidney Carlyle
Victor Wright - Paul (I) Cavanagh
Leon Kantor (child) - Bobby (I) Connelly
Phil Boray as a Child - Tommy (I) Cook
Isadore Kantor (child) - Joseph (I) Cooper
Phil Boray - Tom D'Andrea
Motorcyclist - Brenden Dallaire
Abraham Kantor - Dore Davidson
Orchestra Conductor - Eric DeLamarter

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