What are the characters in Husbands and Wives movie

The characters in Husbands and Wives movie are
Dinner Party Guest - Caroline Aaron
Sam - Lysette Anthony
Party Guest - Diane Kimbrell
Rain - Juliette (I) Lewis
Olive Thurston - Vivian (I) Martin
Banducci Family - Adelaide Mestre
Helene Cutler - Linda (I) Miller
Courtney Fielding - Claudette Nevins
Banducci Family - Connie Picard
Gabe's Novel Montage - Michelle Turley
Receptionist - Ilene Blackman
Joy Bell - Susanne Zenor
Shawn Grainger - Cristi Conaway
Harriet - Galaxy Craze
Rain's Parent - Blythe Danner
Sally - Judy (I) Davis
Dinner Party Guest - Nora Ephron
Judy Roth - Mia Farrow
Birthday Party Guest - Jessica Frankston
Gail - Rebecca (III) Glenn
Gabe's Novel Montage - Lisa Gustin
Paula Zuckerman - Cynthia (I) Harris
Rita Bell - Randee Heller
Gabe Roth - Woody Allen
Paul - Timothy Jerome
Uncle Rifkin - Kent Kasper
Interviewer-Narrator - Jeffrey Kurland
Taxi Dispatcher - Philip (I) Levy
Lennie Bell - Mark Lonow
Rain's Parent - Brian McConnachie
Mel - Fred Melamed
TV Scientist - Nick (I) Metropolis
Michael - Liam Neeson
Rain's Ex-lover - Ron August
Harry Bell - Eddie Barth
Gabe's Novel Montage - Anthony Nocerino
Jack - Sydney (I) Pollack
Banducci Family - Steven Randazzo
Dinner Party Guest - Jack (VI) Richardson
Ron Cutler - Ron Rifkin
Rain's Analyst - Ron Rifkin
Hamptons' Party Guest - Gordon Rigsby
Murray Zuckerman - Alex Rocco
Judy's Ex-husband - Benno (I) Schmidt
Dixon Carter Fielding - Charles (I) Siebert
John Arms - Hugh (I) Thompson
Gabe's Novel Montage - Victor Truro
Banducci Family - Tony Turco
Gabe's Novel Montage - Kenny Vance
Dinner Party Guest - Ira Wheeler
Dinner Party Guest - Jerry Zaks
Birthday Party Guest - Merv (I) Bloch
Party Guest - David (IV) Boston
Rain's Ex-lover - John (I) Bucher
Hamptons' Party Guest - John Doumanian
Gabe's Novel Montage - Kenneth Edelson
Rain's Boyfriend - Matthew (I) Flint
Peter Styles - Bruce Jay Friedman

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