What are the characters in I\'m Not Gay movie

The characters in I\'m Not Gay movie are
Chris - Lisa Arch
Foreperson - Arden Myrin
Not French - Catherine (I) O'Connor
Gay Parade Participant/Protestor - Christine A. Pechera
Courtroom Artisit - Juliana Schiavo
Jordan - Susan Yeagley
Secretary - Kate Flannery
Andie - Rachael (I) Harris
Not Asian - Maya Hazen
Colorfully Dressed Man - Jack Hannibal
Man in Park - Robin (V) Jones
Riley - Jerry (II) Lambert
Not Bald - Andy Lerner
Public Defender - Sam (I) Lloyd
Not Homeless - Samuel McDonough
Gay Pride Man - Michael (I) Naughton
Bailiff - Terry Olazabel
Alex - Brian Palermo
Not Pretentious - Shawn Michael Patrick
Jamie - Adam (I) Paul
Judge - Phil Proctor
Not an Illegal Immigrant - Joe (I) Ramos
Robin - Adam Silverstein
Martin - Yoni Tabac
Magazine Man - Dean (I) Cameron
Tim - Tim Coston
Man at Window - Michael Coughlin
DA - Kurt (I) Fuller

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