What are the characters in Imitation of Life movie

The characters in Imitation of Life movie are
Party Guest - Monya Andre
French Maid - Alyce Ardell
Peola's Frontrow Classmate - Marcia Mae Jones
Funeral Spectator - Tiny Jones
Jessie Pullman, Age 8 - Marilyn Knowlden
Sarah Jane - 18 - Susan Kohner
Mrs. Dale - Lenita Lane
Bit Part - Leota Lorraine
Woman at Funeral - Bessie Lyle
Teacher Outside Classroom - Claire McDowell
Annie Johnson - Juanita Moore
Baby Jessie Pullman, Age 3 - Juanita Quigley
Showgirl - Ann (I) Robinson
Baby Jessie Pullman, Age 3 - Juanita Quigley
Showgirl - Ann (I) Robinson
Party Guest - Gay Seabrook
Teacher - Maida Severn
Fay - Peg Shirley
Black Cook - Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Party Guest - Ethel Sykes
Woman at Funeral - Libby (I) Taylor
Mrs. Craven - Alma Tell
Lora Meredith - Lana Turner
Delilah Johnson - Louise Beavers
Peola Johnson, Age 35 - Dorothy (I) Black
Peola Johnson, Age 19 - Fredi Washington
Black Maid - Hazel (I) Washington
Bit Part - Jeanne Westmore
Peola's Frontrow Classmate - Jane (I) Withers
Black Secretary - Edna Bowdoin
Bit Part - Chuckie Bradley
Black Waitress - Daisy Bufford
Susie - 6 - Terry Burnham
Beatrice 'Bea' Pullman - Claudette (I) Colbert
Young Woman at Party - Joyce (I) Compton
Susie - 16 - Sandra (I) Dee
Sarah Jane - 8 - Karin Dicker
Lora's Friend - Elinor Donahue
Teacher - Norma (I) Drew
Louise Morton - Cicely Evans
Iris Dawn - Myrna Fahey
Bit Role - Jean Fenwick
Geraldine Moore - Bess Flowers
Mrs. Eden - Noel (I) Francis
Mrs. Ramsey - Paullyn Garner
Annette - Sandra (I) Gould
Peola Johnson, Age 4 - Sebie Hendricks
Jessie Pullman, Age 18 - Rochelle Hudson
Teacher - Lynne (I) Hunter
Choir Soloist - Mahalia (I) Jackson
Allen Loomis - Robert Alda
The Painter - Henry Armetta
Steve Archer - John (I) Gavin
Photographer - Lee (I) Goodman
Black Minister - Reverend Gregg
Bit Part - Paul (I) Gustine
Cop - Tedd Hadfield
Martin, the Furniture Man - Alan Hale
Bit Part - Shep Houghton
Fat Man on Beach - Billy (I) House
James - G.P. (I) Huntley
Black Undertaker - Stuart Johnston
Dr. Preston - Henry Kolker
Black Chauffeur - Curry Lee
Doctor - Nelson Leigh
Waiter - Paul (I) Levitt
Bit Part - John (I) Marlowe
Doctor - John (I) McNamara
Watchman - Joseph Mell
Footman - Julius Molnar
Man at Funeral - Bert Moorhouse
Dance Extra at Party - Edmund Mortimer
Bit Part - Forbes Murray
Party Guest Saying Goodbye - David (I) Newell
Englishman at Party - William (I) Austin
Party Guest - Frank (I) Baker
Furniture Mover - George Barrows
Young Man Proposing Toast - Barry (I) Norton
Butler at Party - Edgar Norton
David Edwards - Dan O'Herlihy
Dance Extra - Dennis (I) O'Keefe
Mr. Carven - Franklin Pangborn
Cop at Funeral - Eddie (I) Parker
Jackson's Restaurant Manager - Paul Porcasi
Restaurant Patron - Waclaw Rekwart
Man at Funeral - Hayes Robinson
Audience Member - Cosmo Sardo
Audience Member - Jeffrey Sayre
Japanese Customer in Pancake Shop - Teru Shimada
Funeral Onlooker - Eddie (I) Smith
Truck Driver - Cap Somers
Elmer Smith - Ned (I) Sparks
Jarvis, Beatrice's Butler - Wyndham Standing
Party Guest - Larry Steers
Bit Part - Norman Stevans
Dog Owner - Ted Thorpe
Mr. McKenney - David (I) Tomack
Man at Funeral - Martin (I) Turner
Young Man - John Vivyan
Hugh - Walter (I) Walker
Party Guest - Bruce (I) Warren
Tom - Jack Weston
Kenneth - Lora's Butler - Napoleon Whiting
Stephen 'Steve' Archer - Warren William
Mr. Bristol, Landlord - Clarence (I) Wilson
Romano - Than Wyenn
Preston Mitchell - Paul (I) Bradley
Tipsy Man at Party - Tyler Brooke
Marching Band Member - Teddy Buckner
Actor at Audition - Steve (I) Carruthers
McKinney - Richard (I) Collier
Show Spectator - Paul (I) Cristo
Marching Band Member - Joe Darensbourg
Waiter - Robert Darwin
Man Buying Cigar - William B. Davidson
Marching Band Member - Mike De Lay
Frankie - Troy Donahue
Audience Member - Alphonso DuBois
Minister - Joel Fluellen
Show Spectator - George (I) Ford

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