What are the characters in In Little Italy movie

The characters in In Little Italy movie are
Rosie Capria - Adrienne Kroell
Mama Capria - Lillian Leighton
Marie Cadrone - Marion Leonard
At the Ball - Stephanie Longfellow
At the Ball - Jeanie Macpherson
At the Ball - Gertrude Robinson
At the Ball - Gertrude Robinson
La Berta - Myrtle (I) Stedman
Mrs. Pasquale - Jessie (I) Stewart
At the Ball - Blanche Sweet
At the Ball - Dorothy (I) West
At the Ball - Kate (I) Bruce
One of the Children - Gladys Egan
At the Ball - Ruth (I) Hart
The Fruit Seller - Maud Hilmann
At the Ball - Guy Hedlund
Joe - J.S. Kennedy
Sheriff - James Kirkwood
At the Ball - Henry Lehrman
The Italian Jeweler - Harry (I) Lonsdale
The Cabman - Frank (II) Masch
In Bar - W. Chrystie Miller
At the Ball - Owen Moore
Tony Guiletto - George (I) Nichols
A peddlar - Anthony O'Sullivan
At the Ball - Billy Quirk
In Bar/At the Ball - Mack Sennett
The Priest - William (I) Stowell
Victor - Henry B. Walthall
In Bar - J. Waltham
Papa Capria - Frank (I) Weed
The Judge - John Berrie
In Bar - William J. (I) Butler
The Marriage Clerk - George L. Cox
At the Ball - Charles (I) Craig
Tony - Rex De Rosselli
Police Sergeant McCabe - William (I) Duncan
Sheriff's Deputy - Frank (I) Evans

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