What are the characters in In Old Kentucky movie

The characters in In Old Kentucky movie are
Homecoming Party - Linda (I) Arvidson
Barbara Holten - Marcia Manon
Dance Extra - Frances (I) Morris
Homecoming Party - Mary Pickford
Homecoming Party - Gertrude Robinson
Homecoming Party - Gertrude Robinson
Lily May - Carolynne Snowden
Madge Brierly - Anita (I) Stewart
Nancy Martingale - Dorothy (I) Wilson
Mrs. Wilkinson - Kate (I) Bruce
Dress Saleslady - Dora Clement
Nancy Holden - Helene Costello
Mrs. Brierly - Dorothy (I) Cumming
Dolly Breckenridge - Esther Dale
Aunt Aleathea - Adele Farrington
Arlene Shattuck - Louise Henry
Steward - Stanley (I) Andrews
Horace Holten - Charles Arling
Pluvius J. Aspinwall, the Rainmaker - Etienne Girardot
Steward - Henry (I) Hall
Frank Layson - Mahlon Hamilton
Dr. Lee Andrews - Russell Hardie
Extra - Robert Harron
Greyboy - Greyboy the Horse
Sheriff - John (I) Ince
Dog - Sgt. Jiggs
Jockey - Fritz Johannet
Homecoming Party - James Kirkwood
Steward - Edward LeSaint
Mr. Brierly - Edward Martindel
Racetrack Cop - Charles McMurphy
The Union Son - Owen Moore
Jimmy Brierly - James (I) Murray
Homecoming Party - George (I) Nichols
Steward - William (I) Bailey
'Skippy' Lowry - Wesley Barry
Bookie - Ned Norton
Deputy Officer - G. Raymond Nye
Homecoming Party - Anthony O'Sullivan
Union Soldier/Confederate Soldier - Frank (I) Powell
Pole Shattuck - Charles Richman
Wash Jackson - Bill (I) Robinson
Steve Tapley - Will (I) Rogers
Jockey - Bob (III) Rose
Ezra Martingale - Charles Sellon
Union Centry - Mack Sennett
Union Soldier - George Siegmann
Party Guest - Larry Steers
Jailer - Everett Sullivan
Jockey - Eddie (I) Tamblyn
Robert, the Confederate Son - Henry B. Walthall
Bit - William Worthington
Party Guest - Brooks Benedict
Union Soldier/Aide - William J. (I) Butler
Dancer - Jack (I) Byron
Steward - Allan Cavan
Mr. Wilkinson - Verner Clarges
Dan Lowry - Harvey Clark
Uncle Bible - Nick Cogley
Col. Sandusky Doolittle - Edward (I) Connelly
Joe Lorey - Edward Coxen
Negro Servant - John R. Cumpson
Uncle Neb - John (I) Currie
Slick Doherty - Alan (I) Dinehart
Eddie Lennhardt - Frank (I) Duffy
Highpockets - Stepin Fetchit
Dancer - James (I) Ford

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