What are the characters in In the Shadow of Hollywood movie

The characters in In the Shadow of Hollywood movie are
Herself - Sharon (I) Stone
Narrator - �lise Bertrand
Herself - Anne-Marie Bidaud
Herself - Margarethe von Trotta
Herself (at Cannes) - Sonia Braga
Herself - Luciana Castellina
Interviewer - Sylvie (I) Groulx
Herself - Agnieszka Holland
Himself - Denys Arcand
Himself (president, MPPDA) - Will H. Hays
Himself (president, MPAA) - Eric (V) Johnston
Himself - Marin Karmitz
Himself - Henry Kissinger
Himself (handshake with Kissinger) - Zedong Mao
Himself (marches in French Cinema parade) - Jean (I) Marais
Himself - Todd (I) McCarthy
Himself - Jonathan Nossiter
Himself - Arthur (I) Penn
Himself - Leslie Quinton
Himself (at Cannes) - Robert (I) Redford
Himself (addresses European Parliament) - Ettore Scola
Himself - Roland (I) Smith
Himself - Sylvester Stallone
Himself - Jean-Charles Tacchella
Himself - Alain Tanner
Himself - Bertrand Tavernier
Himself - Daniel Toscan du Plantier
Himself (president, MPAA) - Jack Valenti
Himself - Andrzej Wajda
Himself - Irwin Winkler
Himself (handshake with Byrnes) - L�on Blum
Himself (handshake with Blum) - James F. Byrnes
Himself (addresses GATT conference) - Bill (I) Clinton
Himself (arrives in Strasbourg) - G�rard Depardieu
Himself - Milos Forman
Himself - Claude (I) Fournier

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