What are the characters in Interglobal Trading Fund movie

The characters in Interglobal Trading Fund movie are
Party Guest - Lisa Kamshoff
Party Guest - Kristen Milliken
Party Guest - Trulie Murphy
Party Guest - Lisa (III) Richman
Party Guest - Lisa (III) Richman
Hot Girl - Patricia Scheer
Party Guest - Annette Seidletz
Party Guest - Kelly Seidlitz
Party Guest - Julie (IV) Stephenson
Woman, Party Couple - Teena Strube
Ayres - Cassandra Vincent
Thompson's friend - Deirdre Wagner
Lara Thompson - Ivet Corvea
Miranda - Courtney (I) Cunningham
Party Guest - Marcia French
Bartender - Gary (IV) Anderson
Howard - John Aprea
Party Guest - Charles (III) Gary
Party Guest - Steve Harshfield
Party Guest - Ralph Kampshoff
XIII - Geoffrey M. Reeves
Party Guest - Joshua Richman
Bartender - Zac Sanford
Neils Thompson - Don Shirey
Teller - John Winscher
Chase - Clayton (III) Davis
Party Guest - Silvio Fama

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