What are the characters in It\'s Not Cricket movie

The characters in It\'s Not Cricket movie are
Hearty female - Viola Lyel
Yvonne - Betty Lynne
Jane - Sylvia Marriott
Primrose Brown - Susan (II) Shaw
Mrs. Falcon - Margaret Withers
Virginia Briscoe - Jane (I) Carr
Blonde - Diana Dors
Lady Harlow - Violet Farebrother
Lady Lawson - Mary (I) Hinton
Shoe shop assistant - Sheila Huntington
Barman - Arthur Hambling
Sir George Harlow - Clifford Heatherley
Willie - Claude Hulbert
Intelligence sergeant - Hamilton Keene
Henry - Henry Kendall
Brig. Falcon - Edward Lexy
Maharajah - Meinhart Maur
Stage manager - Hal Osmond
Simon Herbage - Brian Oulton
Yokel - Frederick Piper
Maj. Bright - Basil Radford
Valentine Christmas - Patrick Waddington
Orderly - John (I) Warren
Capt. Early - Naunton Wayne
Felix - Alan (II) Wheatley
MP #1 - John (II) Boxer
Gerald Lawson - Nigel Buchanan
Morton - Frederick Burtwell
MP #2 - Cyril Chamberlain
Sir Leslie Lawson - Charles Cullum
Otto Fisch - Maurice Denham
Batman - Leslie Dwyer

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