What are the characters in Itch movie

The characters in Itch movie are
Ruby Swindel - Kimberly (I) Amato
Coffee Server - Christine (XVIII) Jones
Exhibit Attendee - Diana Maloy
Nathalie - Jackie (II) Manker
Charlene Nerbit - Janice McIntyre
Ali - Louise Mohammed
Girl at Counter - Zoe Pixler
Adrian Kratz - Michelle Tomlinson
Girl at Bus Stop - Madison Rose Blue
Office Worker - Effie Xantheas
Barmaid - Elaine Colomberg
Girl at Counter - Chandlyr Crum
Hannah - Thea Day
Drugstore Cashier - Adele Finch
Mum - Gabriella Gabitas
Pinworm Nurse - Gina Gheller
Suzie - Chrissy Hajovsky
Paul Chapple - Kal Aise
Andy - Mike Alderton
Nathan McCarthy - Paul (I) Andrew
Ken Rufus - Kenneth (III) Andrews
Exhibit Attendee - Eric Gollinger
Customer in Drugstore - Jan Goolsbey
Mitchel Timber - Landall Goolsby
Dr. Eric Green - Chris Grindstaff
Mitchell - Jamie (XIX) Hall
Exhibit Worker - Brandon Harbo
Dream Crowd - Noe Hernandez
Dream Crowd - Schubert Huang
Coach Ken - Scott Jefferies
Schoolchild - Jamie Leek
Alex - Michael J. Leonard
Boy in Drugstore - Jantz Levin
Exhibit Security Guard - Dennis McQuerry
Daniel - Jeff (LXVII) Miller
Lindsey - Alison Pahler
Lee - Tyrone Rhoomes
Exhibit Attendee - Timothy Satrom
Dexter Nerbit - Sam Shick
Van Driver - Danny (I) Spencer
Office Worker - Zack (VII) Taylor
Billy - J. Michael Trautmann
Ryan Baker - Max Whatley
Taylor Fist - Joshua Benton
Lance - Robin (II) Berry
Infected Man - Christopher John Blue
Boy at Bus Stop - Quentin Blue
Exhibit Attendee - Don Bolton
Jimmy - Dominic (I) Burgess
Jehovah's Witness - Tom Camfield
Outdoor Ken - Larry Wade Carrell
Aggie - Rob (I) Cromwell
William - Ian Delaney
The Drunk - James (IV) Fisher
Steve - Justin (II) Fox
Dream Crowd - Michael M. Frankel

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