What are the characters in Je vous hais petites filles movie

The characters in Je vous hais petites filles movie are
Salvatore's groupie - Sonia Alarcon
Party Guest - Catherine Jouille
Punk Idol - Marie-France (IV)
Kate - Kate (II) Moran
Party Guest - Nad�ge Piton
Salvatore's groupie - Emilie Tanneau
Party Guest - Emily (I) Barnett
Goth Girl - M�lodie Vigouroux
Party Guest - Xana� Bove
Les Brats' groupie - Julie Br�mond
Salvatore's groupie - Isabelle Cherpa
Party Guest - Cl�lia Cohen
Sue - Suzanne Combeaud
Party Guest - Alison Hallaine
Les Brats' groupie - Farrah Hammadou
Punk Idol - Eva Ionesco
Lonely Girl at the Bar - Marie Pierre Jaury
Skater Boy - Valentin Agnus
Julien - Damien Gourmelon
Skater Boy - Nicolas Housset
Threesome Boy - Christophe Katabi
Party Guest - Ariel Kenig
Party Guest - Julien Labat
Devo Boy - Simon Ladoux
Les Brats' groupie - Thibault Le Ouay
Goth Boy - Johan Leguen
Party Guest - Cristiano Mangione
Les Brats' band member - Youri Asantcheeff
Les Brats' band member - Makcim Peloni
Leigh Bowery - Randal Pizzardini-Borg
Party Guest - Mathieu Richard
Salvatore - Salvatore Viviano
Party Guest - Julien Welter
Ben - Pierre-Vincent Chapus
Les Brats' band member - Jean-Baptiste Cornette
Les Brats' band member - Nicolas Demiller
Boy at the Bar - Malo Donnart
Party Guest - Nicolas Du�e
Party Guest - Emile El Khoury
Dandy - Laurent F�tis

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