What are the characters in Joan of Arc movie

The characters in Joan of Arc movie are
Hauviette - Jean Ahlin
Camp Follower - Lorna Jordon
Joan of Arc - Milla Jovovich
Old Plague Woman - Olga Kasalkova
Peasant - Hazel Keener
Townswoman - Kiki Kellet
Baby Joan - Jirina Klinkova
Emile's Mother - Liliana Komorowska
Court Lady - Jean La Vell
Peasant - June LaVere
Marquerite - Kate Drain Lawson
Peasant - June LePre
Domremy Peasant - Stella LeSaint
Court Lady/Camp Follower - Beverly Lloyd
Camp Follower - Babe London
Loire Village Woman - Janet (I) Lynch
Madame de Beaurevoir - Shirley MacLaine
Poitiers' Inquisitor - Dominique Marcas
Peasant Woman - Eve March
The Duchess of Bedford - Gina McKee
Woman at the Inn - Frances (I) Morris
Armor Double - Peggy (II) O'Neill
Young Girl in Bath - M�lanie Page
Joan - Anna Paquin
Domremy Peasant - Jean Ransome
Catherine le Royer - Irene (I) Rich
Domremy Peasant - Jean Ransome
Catherine le Royer - Irene (I) Rich
Young Girl in Bath - Julie-Anne Roth
Isabelle d'Arc (Joan's mother) - Selena Royle
Townswoman - Frances Sandford
Joan D'Arc - Leelee Sobieski
Mary of Anjou - Olga S�kulic
Townswoman - Maria J. Tavares
Court Lady - Dorothy Tuttle
Old Woman - Minerva Urecal
Camp Follower - June Benbow
Joan of Arc - Ingrid (I) Bergman
Isabelle D'Arc - Jacqueline Bisset
Joan 8 Years Old - Jane (II) Valentine
Joan - Lucie Vondr�ckov�
Girl - Jemima West
Court Lady/Camp Follower - Eve Whitney
Townswoman - Marjorie (I) Wood
Woman with Baby - Barbara Woodell
Reims Noblewoman - Dale Wyatt
Peasant - Symona Boniface
Joan of Arc - Sarah Churchill
Joan of Arc - Bridget Connors
Court Lady - Sally (III) Cooper
St. Catherine - Deborah Cummings
Jeanne, Countess of Luxembourg - Mary Currier
Mother Babette - Olympia Dukakis
Yolande of Aragon - Faye Dunaway
Mary of Anjou's Lady's Companion - Sissi Duparc
The Aunt - Barbara Elbourn
Mother Superior - Lida Engelov
Young Joan - Chandra Engstrom
Little Soup Kitchen Girl - Rozita Erbanov�
Townswoman - Julia Faye
Boy's Mother - Mary (I) Field
Woman - Rouen's Castle - Tara (I) Flanagan
Townswoman - Gretchen Gailing
St. Margaret - Mary Louise Gemmill
Duchess of Bedford's Lady's Companion - Jessica (I) Goldman
Joan's Mother - Framboise Gommendy
Armor Double - Gail Goodson
Camp Follower - Gloria Grafton
Townswoman - Greta Granstedt
Peasant - Beatrice Gray
Catherine - Joanne Greenwood
The Hag - Valerie Griffiths
Woman at the Inn - Eula Guy
Court Lady/Camp Follower - June (I) Harris
Court Lady - Phyllis Hill
Michael's Wife - Kl�ra Issov�
Woman at the Cemetery - Vera Jakob
Loire Daughter - Galika Janova
Comrade - Rab Affleck
French Soldier - Philip Ahlm
Priest in Cauchon's Box - Julius Aicardi
French Soldier - Eric (I) Alden
Man on Boulevard - Richard (I) Alexander
Look Out - St�phane Algoud
Soldier at the Inn - Robert (V) Anderson
Capt. Poton de Xaintrailles - Morris Ankrum
Bishop - Edwin Apps
The Duke of Bedford - David (I) Gant
Peasant #3 - Jack Gargan
Merchant - Jack (I) George
Judge Anselene - Everett Glass
Judge Tobie - Albert Godderis
Bishop in Square - Rich (I) Gold
Cell's Guard - Sid Golder
Blackbeard - Robert (I) Goodman
Laxart - Jean-Pierre Gos
Soldier - Peter Gowland
Constable - Herschel Graham
Giles de Fecamp - Joseph Granby
The Duke of Alen?on - Pascal Greggory
Senlis' Bishop - Bernard Grenet
Conscience - Child - Timothee Grimblat
Assessor 3 - Rod Grover
English Guard - Rouen's Castle - Richard Guille
Assessor - Thierry Guilmard
Male Refugee - Ivan G�bel
English Soldier - Herman Hack
Soldier #3 - Frank Hagney
La Tremoile - Robert (I) Haley
Jean de Honeycourt/French Soldier - Chuck (I) Hamilton
Court Jester - Alvin Hammer
Nobleman - Rouen's Castle - Jerome Hankins
Lyonnel - Alec Harford
Aulon - Desmond Harrington
The Dauphin, later King Charles VII of France - Neil Patrick Harris
Jacquemine D'Arc - Ondrej (I) Hartl
Father Pasquerel (Joan's chaplain) - Hurd Hatfield
Charles - Michal Havelka
Winchester's Secretary - Henry (I) Hebert
Raoul de Gaucort - Thomas Browne Henry
Orleans' Priest - Jacques (I) Herlin
Comrade - Len Hibberd
Assessor - Didier Hoarau
English Soldier Giving Wood Cross - Leyland Hodgson
Sir William Glasdale - Dennis (I) Hoey
Louis - Chris (I) Hoffman
The Conscience - Dustin Hoffman
Raymond - Matt (I) Hoffman
Judge Benoit - Stuart (I) Holmes
The Bishop of Avranches - Taylor Holmes
French Soldier - Shep Houghton
Jacques - Mark (III) Hunt
Talbot - William Dennis Hunt
Duke of Bedford - Jonathan (I) Hyde
Capt. Jean de la Boussac (St. Severe) - John (I) Ireland
Loire Father - Ludek Jelen
The Duke of Burgundy - Michael Jenn
Domremy Peasant - I. Stanford Jolley
English Judge - Toby (I) Jones
Reginault de Chartres, Archbishop of Rheims and Chancellor of France - Nicholas (I) Joy
Alencon - Tom�s Karger
Dunois - Tch�ky Karyo
Philip, Duke of Burgundy - Colin Keith-Johnston
Jean le Maistre (Inquisitor of Rouen) - Cecil Kellaway
Thierache (Joan's executioner) - Bill (I) Kennedy
Judge Haiton - Philip Kieffer
Assessor 2 - Joel (I) Kirby
Judge Mortemer - James Kirkwood
Priest in Cauchon's Box - Ern� Kir�ly
Guard - Carl (I) Knowles
Church's Peer - Coronation - G�rard Krawczyk
Jean d'Aulon (Joan's squire) - Ethan Laidlaw
Tailor - Bill (IV) Lane
Luxembourg Guard - Pat (I) Lane
Conscience - Young Man - Richard Leaf
Assessor - Franck Lebreton
Judge Gourchet - Tom Leffingwell
Emile - Kris Lemche
Beaudricourt's Page - Jack (I) Lindquist
Gerard - Gregory Linington
Pot Boy #2 - Benjamin Litrenta
Georges de la Tr?mouille - Gene Lockhart
Beaudricourt's Clerk - James (XIII) Logan
Father Monet - Robert Loggia
English Captain - Dion Luther
Pierre d'Arc (Joan's younger brother) - Jimmy Lydon
Burgundian Guard - Bob (I) MacLean
English Knight - George Magrill
Beaurevoir's Guard - Joseph Malerba
Charles VII - John Malkovich
Victor - Ross Manson
Michel D'Arc - Mikulas Mara
Bishop Cauchon - Vladim�r (II) Marek
Young Monk - Eric Mariotto
Guard - Frank (I) Marlowe
Rouen's Priest - Ren� Marquant
Boy - Gregory (I) Marshall
Jean de la Fontaine - Aubrey Mather
Bishop - Curtis Mathew
Glasdale - Carl McCrystal
Redbeard - Phil McKee
Richard the Archer/French Soldier - Leo J. McMahon
The Teeth Soldier - Simon Meacock
Judge Barbier - Charles Meakin
French Soldier - Zane Megowan
Regnault de Chartres - John (IV) Merrick
Colet de Vienne/Townsman/French Soldier - Lee (II) Miller
Narrator - Alfred Molina
Judge Courneille - Matt (I) Moore
French Soldier - Lyle Moraine
English Soldier - Clive (I) Morgan
Guard - Harry Hays Morgan
English Knight - John (I) Moss
Executioner - Avi Muyderman
John, Count of Luxembourg (Joan's captor) - J. Carrol Naish
Earl of Warwick - Alan Napier
Assessor 1 - Jan Nemejovsk�
Judge Alespee - Vincent Neptune
Charles de Bourbon, Duke de Clermont - Richard (I) Ney
Jean d'Estivet - Ted Atherton
English Knight/English Man-at-Arms - George (II) Backus
English Judge - David (I) Bailie
English Judge - David (II) Barber
Captain - Christian (III) Barbier
Jacques d'Arc (Joan's Father) - Robert Barrat
French Soldier - George Barrows
Capt. Louis de Culan - Gregg Barton
English Judge - Timothy Bateson
Nobleman - Rouen's Castle - David Begg
King Charles - Brian (II) Nissen
Duke of Luxembourg - David Nykl
Guillaume Manchon - Patrick (II) O'Connor
Poitiers' Chief Inquisitor - Joseph O'Conor
Scribe at Process - Kevin (VI) O'Neill
Bishop Cauchon - Peter (I) O'Toole
Louis - Quentin Ogier
Sergeant-at-arms - Robert (II) Orr
Henri le Royer (Catherine's husband) - Nestor Paiva
Jean Beaupere (a judge) - John (I) Parrish
Judge Chatillon - Manuel Par�s
Judge Thibault - Louis (I) Payne
Deacon - John Pedrini
Michel D'Arc - Josef Pejchal
Assessor 4 - Rudolf Pellar
Pierre D'Arc - Justin Peroff
The Executioner/Torturer at Process - Brian Pettifer
Soldier #2 - Lee (I) Phelps
English Judge - Philip Philmar
Monk at Coronation - Enee Piat
English Knight - Allen Pinson
Guillaume Colles - Lon Poff
French Soldier - Byron Poindexter
Louis XI - 5 Years Old - Irving Pompepui
Cauchon/Narrator - Ray (I) Porter
English Judge - Brian (I) Poyser
Crown Monk - Romain Protat
Nicolas de Houppeville (a judge) - Frank Puglia
Townsman/French Soldier - Charles Quirk
Richemont - Olivier Rabourdin
Dunois - Tom�s (I) Racek
French Soldier - Harry (I) Raven
Judge Marguerie - Herbert (I) Rawlinson
Priest in Cauchon's Box - Ford Raymond
Buck - Vincent Regan
Dijon's Assistant - Ren� Remblier
Poitiers' Inquisitor - Joseph Rezwin
English Judge - Ralph Riach
Corridor's Guard in Rouen - Mark (V) Richards
La Hire - Richard (I) Ridings
Wandamme (Burgundian captain) - Roy (I) Roberts
Thomas de Courcelles (a prosecutor) - Stephen (II) Roberts
English Knight - George Robotham
Bishop - Malcolm (I) Rogers
French Soldier - Victor Romito
Sir Robert's Guard - Daniel (I) Rous
French Soldier - John (I) Roy
Isambard de la Pierre - Herbert Rudley
Gamaches - Tara R�mer
Bertrand de Poligny - Cliff (II) Saunders
Tumbler - Ray (I) Saunders
Tumbler - Russell (II) Saunders
Brother Jean le Maistre - Maximilian Schell
Gladsdale - David (I) Schofield
English Soldier - Phil Schumacher
Judge Etienne - Allen Schute
Judge Albane - Peter Seal
Judge Edmond - Scott (I) Seaton
Canon - Joe (I) Sheridan
Count Donois - Jeff (VII) Simmons
Old Man with Pipe - Russell (I) Simpson
Compeigne Messenger - Milan Sipek
Loire Son - Petr Smejkal
Young Pierre - Roby Sobieski
Domremy Peasant/Townsman - Pietro Sosso
Luxembourg Guard - Arthur Space
French Soldier - Robert St. Angelo
Archbishop - John Standing
Boy's Father - Vernon (I) Steele
English Knight - Bert (I) Stevens
The Cardinal of Winchester - Houseley Stevenson
La Hire - Peter (I) Strauss
Father Massieu (Joan's bailiff) - Shepperd Strudwick
Priest in Square - Joel Sugerman
Pierre Cauchon (Count-Bishop of Beauvais) - Francis L. Sullivan
Tumbler - George Suzanne
Bertrand de Poulengy (a squire) - Ray Teal
Burgundian Guard - Bob Thom
Captain - Eric Tonetto
Bishop of Therouanne - Victor Travers
Old Jacquimine D'Arc - Jir� (II) Trnka
Steward - Richard Trstan
Orleans' Physician - Vincent Tulli
Claude - Jan Unger
Charles' Page 1 - Marek (I) Valenta
Domremy Messenger - Thomas Valik
St. Michael - Bernie Van De Yacht
French Captain - Chris (II) Van Fleet
Judge Laurent - Percival Vivian
Calot - Charles Wagenheim
Priest in Cauchon's Box/Peasant - William (I) Wagner
Young Emile - Jared Wall
English Chaplain - Rick (I) Warden
Cauchon - Timothy (I) West
Raymond - Tat Whalley
Dunois - Ron (I) White
English Judge - Peter (I) Whitfield
Deacon - Bob (I) Whitney
Jean de Metz - Chad Willett
Durand - Jake Williamson
Julian - Henry (I) Wills
Domremy Peasant - Al Winters
Poitiers' Inquisitor - Fr�d�ric Witta
Nicolas Midi (a judge) - Victor (I) Wood
Duke of Burgundy - Jaimz Woolvett
Duke of Bedford, England's Regent - Frederick Worlock
Minor Role - John (I) Benson
English Man-at-Arms - Robert (I) Bentley
Captain - Christian Bergner
Nicholas Taquel - Edward Biby
Dying English Archer - Robert (I) Bice
Talbot - Andrew Birkin
Judge Gustinel - John (I) Bohn
Durand Laxart (Joan's uncle) - Roman Bohnen
Jean Fournier, Cur? of Vaucouleurs - David (I) Bond
La Hire - Ward Bond
Jacques D'Arc - Powers Boothe
Pot Boy - Leo Borden
English Judge - Dominic Borrelli
Old Priest - John Boswall
Jean d'Estivet (a prosecutor) - Philip Bourneuf
The Bludgeoned French Soldier - Matthew Bowyer
Townsman/French Soldier - Fred Zendar
Constable of Clerveaux - George Zucco
Capt. Giles de Rais - Henry (I) Brandon
Domremy Peasant - Maurice Brierre
Domremy's Priest - Paul (I) Brooke
Jean d'Arc (Joan's older brother) - Rand Brooks
Chamberlain - Daniel (XXX) Brown
French Soldier - George Bruggeman
Bishop of Norwich - Bob (II) Burns
Joan's Father - Bruce (I) Byron
Priest in Cauchon's Box - Sam Calprice
Sir Robert's Page - Zlatan Camo
Gilles de Rais - Vincent Cassel
French Soldier Offering Amulet - Wally Cassell
Philip's Messenger - Hynek Cerm�k
Sir Robert de Baudricourt - Maury Chaykin
Guard - Michael Cirillo
English Soldier - Sanders Clark
Orleans Lookout - Christopher (I) Clarke
English Guard - Bill (I) Cody
English Guard - J.W. Cody
English Guard 2 - John (II) Comer
Guillaume Erard (a prosecutor) - William (I) Conrad
Tumbler - Walter Cook
Soldier #1 - Clancy Cooper
Joan's Prison Guard - Jeff (I) Corey
Priest in Cauchon's Box - Jim Corey
Vaucouleurs' Priest - Charles Cork
Captain - Patrice Cossoneau
La Hire - Robert (I) Cottrell
Sir Robert de Baudricourt - governor of Vaucouleurs - George Coulouris
French Soldier - Roger Creed
French Soldier - Bob (II) Crosby
Captain Paul - Richard H. (II) Cutting
Compiegne's Mayor - Tony D'Amario
Church's Peer - Coronation - Daniel Daujon
Farmer - George (I) Davis
Peasant #2 - George Dee
Jean de Metz (a knight) - Richard Derr
Xaintrailles - Tonio Descanvelle
Alain Chartier (court poet) - Vincent Donahue
Bishop of Noyon - Mike (I) Donovan
Peasant - Lester Dorr
English Knight - Jim Drum
Dijon - Philippe du Janerand
Bishop Cauchon - Francis Dumaurier
English Soldier - David (I) Dunbar
Christian - David (IV) Dunbar
Peasant #1 - Art Dupuis
Zealot 1 - Trey Eckles
Dr. Tiphane - Frank (I) Elliott
Townsman - Jerry (I) Elliott
Jean - Duke d'Alencon - John (I) Emery
Demetz - John Epper
La Tremoille - Christian Erickson
Dunois, Bastard of Orleans - Leif Erickson
Bailiff - Herbert Evans
Louis de Conte - James Fallet
Child in Square - Kelsey Farmer
The Dauphin (Charles VII, later King of France) - Jos� (I) Ferrer
English Guard 1 - David (I) Fisher
Poitiers' Inquisitor - Bruno Flender
Marksman - Art Foster
Church's Peer - Coronation - Serge (I) Fournier
Noel - Jaroslav Fricek
Judge Jerome - Curt Furburg

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