What are the characters in Jucy movie

The characters in Jucy movie are
Party Guest - Veronica Alonzo
Party Guest - Tamara Azmar
Party Guest - Julie Kalceff
Speed Dater - Macushla Kilvington
Ferny Grove Players Stagehand - Kat Kiorgaard
Theatre Goer - Elisa (II) Lago
Fleur - Nelle Lee
Theatre Goer - Teresa (II) Lewis
Blanche - Emma (IV) Lucas
Speed Dater - Michelle Ly
Party Guest - Nicole Maddigan
Party Guest - Frances Marrington
Roz - Sally McKenzie
Theatre Goer - Zoe McLachlan
Theatre Goer - Alexandra (II) Miller
Theatre Goer - Maureen Moran
Party Guest - Kylie (I) Morris
Party Guest - Michaela Munce
Jackie - Cindy (IV) Nelson
Party Guest - Marj O'Callaghan
Theatre Goer - Nene Pretorius
Guest - Elizabeth (II) Richmond
Party Guest - Grace Rigney
Guest - Elizabeth (II) Richmond
Party Guest - Grace Rigney
Speed Dater - Marianna Tigani
Party Guest - Caitlin Beishy
Theatre Goer - Carolyn (V) Wagner
Party Guest - Kat Westbrook
Theatre Goer - Kristen Carolan
Theatre Goer - Janah Chadwick
Lucy's Boss - Kelly (II) Chapman
Party Guest - Ashleigh Clarke
Theatre Goer - Kathryn Connors
Video Store Customer - Tracey Coorey
Party Guest - Kate (XIII) Edwards
Video Store Customer - Kathryn Fletcher
Theatre Goer - Tameka Fletcher
Party Guest - Sandra Galvin
Lucy - Francesca Gasteen
Dimity - Charlotte Gregg
Speed Dater - Emma (I) Hodgson
Theatre Goer - Jan Gillies
Theatre Goer - Kalven Heffernan
Theatre Goer - Max Higgins
Speed Dater - Steven Innes
Richard - Peter (III) Ireland
Alex - Ryan (I) Johnson
Speed Dater - Mitch (I) Kennedy
Party Guest - Scott (II) Kimber
Party Guest - Shaun (V) King
Party Guest - Daniel Kloote
Party Guest - Michael (IX) Manning
Party Guest - Tim (XI) Marshall
Theatre Goer - Ashton Miller
Party Guest - Rick J. Mitchell
Party Guest - Marty Moynihan
Speed Dater - Paul Muffatti
Theatre Goer - Jared (II) Bazley
Theatre Goer - Nicholas O'Donnell
Speed Dater - David Pawsey
Ferny Grove Players Stagehand - Grant Power
Party Guest - Rupert (I) Raineri
Brett - Andrew (IV) Ryan
Nate - Christopher Sommers
Party Guest - Luke Standard
Party Guest - Stephen Vagg
Party Guest - Kim van Boten
Voice of the Elephant Lamp - Orson Welles
Party Guest - Greg (IX) Williams
Theatre Goer - Ryan Booker
Video Store Customer - Isaac (I) Chapman
Party Guest - Cedric Cuzinn
Party Guest - Aidan Dargan
Speed Dater - John Paul (II) Davies
Theatre Goer - Mitch (I) Doneman
Party Guest - Santino Emmi
Video Store Customer - Michael (XIII) Ferguson
Trevor - Damien Freeleagus

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