What are the characters in Just Write movie

The characters in Just Write movie are
Bride's Mother - Joycee Katz
Party Guest - Naomi Leonard
Tory - Bellina Logan
Bride - Nancy McKeon
Mr. Blake's Assistant - Stephanie (I) Miller
Couple at Mandalay - Cay Mohr
Mildred - Barbara (I) Perry
Writer at Bar - Susan Segal
Jewish Woman at Luncheon - Rose Shumow
Lulu - Yeardley Smith
Emma Jeffreys - Holland Taylor
Carrie - Anita Barone
Whisperer at Party - Lara Bierner
Sidney Stone - JoBeth Williams
Tourist #1 - Lindsey Brooke
Sandy - Mimi Craven
Tourist #2 - Kristin Dattilo
Tiffany - Shari (I) Eckert
Amanda Clark - Sherilyn Fenn
Girl with Hula-Hoop - Callista Gallerani
Psychologist at Luncheon - Marcy Goldman
Bus Tourist - Mary Kathleen Gordon
Teenager's Mother - Mary-Pat Green
Young Harold - Anthony Galea
Boy with Yo-Yo - Gian-Mical Gallerani
Valet at Mansion Party - Dorian Gregory
CCI Mail Clerk - John Haxby
Teenager on Trolley - Josh Keaton
Johnny Rockets Delivery Boy - Jim Kreutzer
Himself - Jay Leno
Rich Adams - Costas Mandylor
George - Jack (III) Manning
Beverly Hills Cop - Heath McLaughlin
Luncheon Chairman - Ed (I) McMahon
Fire-Eater at Carnival - Robert (IV) Nelson
Joey Ace - Joseph (I) Arsenault
Harold McMurphy - Jeremy Piven
CCI Security Guard - Michael Pointer
Atilla the Hairdresser - Bill Pugin
Couple at Mandalay - Fred Olen Ray
Harold's Father - Alex Rocco
Danny - Jeffrey D. Sams
Writer at Bar - Douglas Segal
Arthur Blake - Wallace Shawn
Priest - Todd Susman
CCI Agent Underling - Brian To
Pizza Hut Delivery Boy - Anthony Carregal
Man Guest at Luncheon - Lou Cutell
Ex-CCI Agent/Bum - John (I) Fleck

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