What are the characters in Justice Squad movie

The characters in Justice Squad movie are
Party Girl - Emma Angus
Girl at Bus Stop - Delaney Morris Lawrance
Party Guest - Carly Lovering
Ring In - Heather McGuinn
Party Girl - Louise Messenger
Raver - Amy (X) Morgan
Audition Judge - Kelly (VII) Morris
Gretel - Chrissie Page
Secretary - Sarah Petrusma
Ms. Brady - Jenny Stokes
Ring In - Jordan (VII) Bell
Raver - Katrina Board
The Tea Lady - Carly Whittaker
Raver - Emma Wotzke
Mistress Mystery - Wendy Bos
Raver - Rebecca Bouchier
Party Guest - Kimberly (VI) Brooks
Party Guest - Alice (V) Campbell
Salvationist - Andrea Castle
Party Girl - Emma Cimarosti
Party Guest - Lisa Ellery
Party Guest - Roxanne Foster
Emo Kid - Chloe (I) Gehrke
News Reporter - Mandy Giles
Ring In - Jo Harvy
Raver - Tahlia Hasse
Party Guest - Pippa Hilton
Raver - Michelle (VII) Hunter
Salvationist - Luek Grainger
Salvationist - Mark (II) Grainger
Sound Dude - Andrew N Green
Luke - Joshua Hackett
Homeless Dude - James Hatherly
Metal Band Member - Jason (II) Higgs
Party Host - Sean Hilton
Magic Ian the Vaudevillain - Alex Kingsland
Gatecrasher - Csaba (IV) Kiss
ManMan - Daniel Lawrance
Business Man - Peter Lawrance
Interviewer - Rob (III) MacPherson
Dark Avenger - Paul Messenger
Metal Band Member - Mark (XII) Montgomery
Captain Justice - Roger Newcombe
Gatecrasher - Chadwick Ashby
Mesmiro - Don Balaz
Gatecrasher - David (VII) Beckett
Ring In - Ian (XXIV) Bell
Raver - Alex Plisko
Blaze-O - Alastair Preece
Sodomite Clown - Brian (II) Sellars
Emo Kid - Julian (XI) Smith
Homeless Dude - Ryan (II) Stanton
Soup Recipient - Ben (II) Stokes
Audition Registrar - John (IX) Stokes
Renee - Kim (XXI) Williams
Camera Dude - Dwayne Blee
Metal Band Member - Mark (XIII) Butler
Mr. Quick - Brett Calliss
The Brick - Anthony N Castle
Police Officer - Richard (IV) Chew
Soup Recipient - Chris (LVI) Clark
The Darkish Knight - Tom (XVI) Clarke
The Darkish Knight - Tom (XVII) Clarke
Metal Band Member - Tony (I) Coppola
Party Guest - Brett Crabb
Audition Judge - Ian Dinning
Electrode - Nick Fagan
Guy at Bus Stop - Jarrod Fitch

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