What are the characters in Killer Crush movie

The characters in Killer Crush movie are
Student - Carrie Marston
Med Student - Sarah McArdle
Grandmother - Heather (XVI) Mitchell
Gabby Emery - Sydney (I) Penny
Tayler York - Melanie Scrofano
Professor - Donna St-Jean
Jenny - Brianna (I) Barnes
Med Student - Robyn Vezina
Amy Emery - Grace Zanichkowsky
Sophia York - Allison Brennan
Paige York - Daveigh Chase
Young Paige - Annika Hudgin
Dr. Brandon Willis - Scott (I) Gibson
Student - Ryan Maisey
Student - Josh (XXXI) Martin
Detective Cullen - Andrew (I) Moodie
Reverend - Joel Oliver
Craig - Zack Peladeau
Dr. Lucas Emery - Rick (I) Roberts
Lieutenant David - John (II) Serge
Detective #1 - Daniel (III) Simpson
Cameron York - Rob (I) Stewart
Dive Bar Owner - Richard Roy Sutton
Make Out Guy - Trevor (I) Clark
Cop - Robert (I) Crampton
Frat Boy - Tristan Crigger
Mourner - Stephen K. Donnelly
Student - Jonathan Emond

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