What are the characters in Killer at Large movie

The characters in Killer at Large movie are
Jackie - the Hatcheck Girl - Hildegard Ackerman
Herself - President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports - Denise (I) Austin
Miss Riley - Hazel Kerner
Herself - Author, Consuming Kids - Susan Linn
Herself - Author, Food Politics - Marion Nestle
Herself - Chairman, Federal Trade Commission - Deborah Platt Majoras
Herself - National Action Against Obesity - Meme Roth
Anne Arnold - Anabel Shaw
Herself, Author, Appetite for Profit - Michele Simon
Margo Tremaine - Ann Stanton
Herself - Brooke Bates
Herself - Nutrition Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest - Margo Wootan
Linda Allen - Mary Brian
Old Lady - Alma Chester
Herself - Deborah (III) Cohen
Kate - Betty Compson
Herself - Author, Lunch Lessons - Ann (IV) Cooper
Shop Girl - Beatrice Curtis
Waiter - Ernie (I) Adams
Taxi Driver - Phil (I) Arnold
Police Operator - William (I) Arnold
Himself - Author, The Gospel of Food - Barry Glassner
First Coffin Man - Roger (I) Gray
Inspector O'Hara - Thurston Hall
Tommy Braddock - Russell Hardie
Himself - U.S. Senator (D-IA) - Tom Harkin
William Bentley - Harry (I) Hayden
Himself - Author/Radio Commentator - Jim Hightower
Himself - Presidential Candidate - Mike Huckabee
Whitley - Boyd Irwin
Himself - Executive Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest - Michael F. Jacobson
Bartender - Charles (II) King
Herself - Director, VA National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention - Linda Kinsinger
Police Lieutenant - Brady Kline
Himself - Film Director/Author, Fat Pig - Neil LaBute
Himself - Secretary of Health and Human Services - Michael (II) Leavitt
Landlord - Edward LeSaint
Paul Kimberly - Robert Lowery
Rand - George (I) Lynn
Himself - Ronald (I) McDonald
Police Sgt. Kelly - George (I) McKay
Hotel Clerk - James (I) Millican
Whiteman - Howard M. Mitchell
Highpockets - Charles R. Moore
Himself - Consumer Advocate - Ralph (I) Nader
Overweight business man - Richard (V) Newman
Himself - Director, Obetech Obesity Research Center - Richard (II) Atkinson
Himself - Bill (I) O'Reilly
Richard - the Clerk - Eddie Parks
Brent Maddux - Leonard Penn
Himself, Author, The Omnivores Dilemma - Michael Pollan
Himself - Prof. of Nutrition & Economics, UNC - Barry Popkin
Bull Callahan - Dick (I) Rich
Himself - Author, Screenagers - Douglas Rushkoff
Himself - Governor of California - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Police Captain - Lee Shumway
Taxi Driver - Charles (I) Sullivan
Himself - Nutritional Biochemist - Shawn M. Talbott
Himself - Author, The Pursuit of Pleasure - Lionel Tiger
Himself - Author, Mindless Eating - Brian Wansink
Croupier - Brooks Benedict
Himself - Center for Consumer Freedom - Richard (VII) Berman
Sexton - Harry Bernard
Captain McManus - Stanley Blystone
Himself - Author, Television Host - Shmuley Boteach
Mr. Zero - Henry (I) Brandon
Copy Boy - Keefe Brasselle
Himself - U.S. Senator, (R-KS) - Sam Brownback
Himself - Author, Food Fight - Kelly Brownell
Himself - George W. Bush
Himself - Secretary of Agriculture, 1971-1976 - Earl L. Butz
Himself - U.S. Surgeon General, 2002-2006 - Richard (I) Carmona
Second Coffin Man - Lon Chaney Jr.
Brandon - Jack Cheatham
Himself - 42nd President of the United States - Bill (I) Clinton
Himself - Walter (I) Cronkite
Himself - Executive Vice President, NAASO - Morgan Downey
Messenger - Rolf Ernest
Vincent Arnold - Charles (IV) Evans
Edward Denton - Frank (I) Ferguson
Himself - Medical Director, George Washington University Weight Management Program - Arthur Frank

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