What are the characters in Kisses movie

The characters in Kisses movie are
Bessie Neldon - Mignon Anderson
Charlie's Sister - Carol Joyce
Danni Willis - Colleen (X) Kelly
Rude Girl 1 - Shauna Kelly
Kylie's Sister - Stephanie (III) Kelly
Betty Ellen Estabrook - Alice Lake
Sgt. Helen O'Hara - Joi Lansing
Rude Girl 3 - Shannon Lysaght
Kylie's Ma - Cathy Malone
Flapper - Margie Martell
Kylie - Kelly (IV) O'Neill
Night Busker 2 - Cricky Sea
Clara - Eleanor Shaler
Outreach Volunteer 1 - Catherine Simon
Gardiner Street Girl - Elisabeth Suh
Woman - Cindy Torres
Jennifer Deeds - Zenobia Rose Tucker
Old Lady - Edna Whistler
Dylan's Ma - Neil� Conroy
Kylie's Baby Sister - Maria de Br�
Anita - Hilda Fay
Ban Garda - Elga Fox
Rude Girl 2 - Krista Greene
Security Guard - Olla Iginla
Squatter 1 - Michael Gibney
Himself - Will Hays
The Sack Man - Willie Higgins
Kylie's Brother 2 - Michael (X) Hunt
Busker - Jose Jimanez
John Maynard - Edward Jobson
Hotdog Man - Waldemar Kalinowski
Himself - Adrian (VI) Kennedy
Homeless Man - Ciaran Kenny
Drunken Critic - David Lade
Charlie - John Litel
Squatter 2 - Andrew (V) Manson
Uncle Maurice - Sean (I) McDonagh
Outreach Volunteer 2 - Nick McGinley
Edward Nelson - John (I) McKinnon
Roadie - Gerry Moore
Kylie's Brother 3 - Shane (VI) Murphy
Bill Bailey - Harry (I) Myers
Kyle Denning - Marlon Begue
Nightclub Bouncer - Nial O'Brien
Night Busker 4 - Tim (III) O'Donovan
Night Busker 3 - Niall O'Driscoll
Robert Stanton - Lynne Overman
Gustave - Eugene Pouyet
Down Under Dylan - Stephen (I) Rea
Superman - George (I) Reeves
Dylan's Da - Paul (I) Roe
Night Busker 1 - Grattan (I) Smith
Norman Maynard - Dana Todd
Drunken Critic - Neil Watkins
Edited from archival footage - Robert (I) Young
Dredger Captain - David Bendito
Man - Cosimo Castronovo
Nightclub Manager - Del Commerford
Thomas Estabrook - Edward (I) Connelly
Mini Moto Rider - Aaron Courtney
Dylan - Shane Curry
Sackman's Accomplice - Ian de Br�
Mini Moto Rider - Roy Dempsey
Barber - Glen Dowd
Himself - Thomas (I) Edison

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