What are the characters in Klute movie

The characters in Klute movie are
Evie - Margaret (II) Linn
Holly Gruneman - Betty Murray
Psychiatrist - Vivian Nathan
Mrs. Vasek - Antonia Rey
Mrs. Vasek - Antonia Rey
Goldfarb's Secretary - Jean Stapleton
Momma Reese - Shirley Stoler
Woman at Bar - Ellen Stretton
Arlyn Page - Dorothy Tristan
Janie Dale - Jane (I) White
Producer in Adv. Agency - Mary Louise Wilson
Pat - Rosalind Cash
Discotheque Patron - Candy (I) Darling
Psychiatrist's Secretary - Jan Fielding
Bree Daniel - Jane Fonda
Trina - Rita Gam
Model - Veronica Hamel
Trask - Nathan George
Actor's Agent - Anthony (I) Holland
Man kissing Jane Fonda in night club - Richard (I) Jordan
Bill Azure - Tony (I) Major
Asst. Prod. in Adv. Agency - Marc Malvin
Tom Gruneman - Robert Milli
Asst. Dir. in Little Theatre - Richard Russell Ramos
Discotheque Patron - Harry (I) Reems
Director in Little Theatre - Robert Ronan
Frank Ligourin - Roy Scheider
Sugarman - Richard B. Shull
Dr. Spangler - Joe (I) Silver
Berger - Barry Snider
Discotheque Patron - Sylvester Stallone
Mr. Goldfarb - Morris (II) Strassberg
John Klute - Donald (I) Sutherland
Nate Goldfarb - Lee (I) Wallace
Man in Hotel - Fred Burrell
Peter Cable - Charles Cioffi
Custodian - Jerome Collamore
Man at Bar - Kevin (I) Dobson

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