What are the characters in Krach movie

The characters in Krach movie are
Kate - Janet (I) Lane
La fille de Georges - Samantha (IV) Moore
La femme de Georges - Andy Quesnel
Sarah - Lisa (I) Ray
La femme de Georges - Andy Quesnel
Sarah - Lisa (I) Ray
Natasha - Patricia Stasiak
Fille party #3 - Carolanne Toupin
Anouchka - Agnieshka Wnorowska
Fille party #4 - Vikki Wong
Fille party #1 - Nancy Bouzi
Femme au bar - Jenny Carey
Security Agent #3 - Heather (I) Chase
Vanessa - Jennyfer (I) Desbiens
Fille party #2 - Claudia Fortuma
Sibylle Mahler - Vahina Giocante
Alissa - Lori (I) Graham
Trader 1 - Qamar (I) Abbas
R?ceptionniste - Guido Grasso Jr.
Trader au t?l?phone - Adam (VI) Greenberg
Gouverneur - Terry Haig
Trader au ballon - Benjamin Hatcher
Fox - Arthur (I) Holden
Trader - Claude Huard
Agent de la S.E.C. #3 - Mark (XII) Lambert
Erwan Kermor - Gilles Lellouche
Chang - Dominic (I) Longo
William - Michael (I) Madsen
Agent de s?curit? 1 - Alain Nadro
The Translator - Karim Babin
Administrateur Flying Fund #2 - Steve (II) Barry
Homme conf?rence - Fran�ois Paquette
Employ? - Christian (I) Paul
Harry Hunt - Daniel (I) Pilon
Chauffeur de taxi #1 - Donny Quinn
Chauffeur de taxi #2 - David (I) Rigby
Agent s?curit? 2 - David Schaap
Miller - Frank Schorpion
Administrateur Flying Fund #1 - Simon D. Scott
Le fils de Georges - Quinton Shore
Mendoza - Ivan (I) Smith
Harold Dune - Sam (I) Stone
Agent s?curit? 1 - John Topor
Assistant d'Henri - David Tremblay
Tony - Joffrey Verbruggen
Georges - Charles Berling
Henry - Jason Blicker
Pilote d'h?licopt?re - Pascal (I) Brun
Martin - Pierre B�n�zit
Trader - G�rard Cellier
Agent de s?curit? 2 - Pierre Chaves
Ken - Graham Cuthbertson
Reed - Larry (I) Day
Antoine - St�phane Demers
Agent de la S.E.C. #2 - Andrew (III) Farmer
Arthur Bradigan - Frank (II) Fontaine
Douglas - Ivan Fox

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