What are the characters in Krippendorf\'s Tribe movie

The characters in Krippendorf\'s Tribe movie are
Mrs. Tournquist - Robin Karfo
Abbey Tournquist - Mila Kunis
College Student #1 - Grace (V) Lee
Shelly - Natasha Lyonne
Nurse - Sandy (I) Martin
Tribes Woman - Jewel McDonald
Lecture Woman #3 - Catherine Paolone
Divorced Woman - Valerie (I) Reid
Divorced Woman - Valerie (I) Reid
Mrs. O'Brian - Susan Ruttan
Carol's Friend - Joy Somers
Lecture Woman #2 - Suanne Spoke
Gladys Schmades - Amzie Strickland
Irene Hargrove - Elaine Stritch
Ruth Allen - Lily Tomlin
Edith Proxmire - Frances Bay
Student - Flynn Beck
President Porter - Doris Belack
Jennifer - Barbara (I) Williams
Lecture Woman #1 - Rachel Winfree
Secretary - Wendy Worthington
Elevator Teen - China Brezner
TV Studio Woman - Laura Cayouette
Veronica - Jenna Elfman
Lori - Siobhan Fallon
Party Guest - Kari Leigh Floyd
Mabu - Shashawnee Hall
Mr. Tournquist - Tim (I) Halligan
Young Edmund - Jacob Handy
Young Edmund - Zachary Handy
Andrews - Bruce Jarchow
Alcove Man - Michael Steve Jones
Principal Reese - Lance Kinsey
Dr. Harvey - Phil Leeds
Edmund - Carl Michael Lindner
Newscaster - Dave Mallow
Simon Alonso - Julio Oscar Mechoso
Sulukim - Zakes Mokae
Gordon Hargrove - Tom Poston
Gerald Adams - Stephen (I) Root
TV Store Customer #1 - Bill (I) Rosier
Mickey - Gregory (I) Smith
Henry Spivey - David Ogden Stiers
Larry Swift - Peter Tilden
Ruth's Guide - Timothy (I) Wells
Flagpole Boy - Ian Busch
Tribal Man - Juan Canopii
College Student #2 - Todd Cattell
TV Store Customer #2 - Robb Derringer
Krippendorf - Richard Dreyfuss
Outpost Man - Chris (I) Duque
Student - Andrew (I) Frankel

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