What are the characters in Lady in the Lake movie

The characters in Lady in the Lake movie are
Party Guest - Ann Lawrence
Receptionist - Lila Leeds
Mrs. Grayson - Kathleen (I) Lockhart
Mildred Havelend - Jayne Meadows
Party Guest - Sandra (I) Morgan
Chrystal Kingsby - Ellay Mort
Elevator Girl - Ellen (I) Ross
Party Guest - Nina (I) Ross
Party Guest - Florence Stephens
Adrienne Fromsett - Audrey Totter
Party Guest - Laura Treadwell
Party Guest - Kay Wiley
Ed, the Coroner - Eddie Acuff
Derace Kingsby - Leon Ames
Eugene Grayson - Morris Ankrum
Policeman - John Gallaudet
Party Guest - Sherry (I) Hall
Jailer - Cy Kendall
Policeman - George Magrill
Phillip Marlowe - Robert (I) Montgomery
Party Guest - Bert Moorhouse
Policeman - Thomas (I) Murray
Drunk - William (I) Newell
Party Guest - James (I) Nolan
Lt. DeGarmot - Lloyd Nolan
Party Guest - William (III) O'Leary
Floyd Greer - Frank Orth
Buster, Young Party Guest - William McKeever Riley
Artist - William (II) Roberts
Charlie, Party Guest - Fred Santley
Reporter - Fred (I) Sherman
Chris Lavery - Dick Simmons
Party Guest - George (I) Travell
Capt. Kane - Tom (I) Tully
Detective - Robert (I) Williams
Party Guest - Charles Bradstreet
Party Guest - David (I) Cavendish
Property Clerk - Wheaton Chambers
Party Guest - Roger (I) Cole
Party Guest - Frank Dae
Policeman - Jack (I) Davis
Policeman - John Webb Dillon
Sergeant - Ralph Dunn
Policeman - Budd Fine

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