What are the characters in Ladykillers movie

The characters in Ladykillers movie are
Woman at Club - Margery Nelson
Julie - Madeleine (I) Swift
Lilah Corbett - Susan Blakely
Jane Rand - Alexandra Borrie
Samantha Flannery - Marilu Henner
M.C - Jeff Harlan
James - Michael Hartson
Gene - Scott Layne
Captain Bucholtz - William Lucking
Bobby - Keith (I) McDaniel
Zak - Peter Parros
Wally - Daniel K. Peterson
Male Stripper - Raymond Storti
Mitch - Milt Tarver
Valet Parking Attendant - Andrew D. Wolfberg
Pelo - Del Zamora
Hugo - Dan Blom
Cavanaugh - Thomas Calabro
Sergeant Kramer - Mark Carlton
Garcia - David (I) Correia
Timothy - Neil (II) Farrell

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