What are the characters in Lawrence of Arabia movie

The characters in Lawrence of Arabia movie are
Nurse - Barbara (I) Cole
Prince Feisal - Alec Guinness
Club Secretary - Jack Gwillim
General Allenby - Jack (I) Hawkins
Arab Shiek at Council - James Hayter
Reporter at Lawrence's Funeral - Jack Hedley
Turkish Soldier - Rafael (I) Hern�ndez
Driver - Bert Holliday
Vicar at St. Paul's - Noel Howlett
Gasim - I.S. Johar
Khitan of Aleppo - Cher Kaoiu
Staff Major - Murray's Aide - Patrick (I) Kavanagh
Jackson Bentley - Arthur (I) Kennedy
Motorcyclist by Suez Canal - David (I) Lean
Michael George Hartley - Ian MacNaughton
Medical Officer - Howard Marion-Crawford
R.A.M.C. Colonel - Hugh (II) Miller
Tafas - Zia Mohyeddin
Artillery General at Field Briefing - Clive (I) Morton
Officer in Officer's Club - Daniel Moynihan
MP in Map Room - John (II) Barry
Captain at Officer's Club - Bruce Beeby
T.E. Lawrence - Peter (I) O'Toole
Reciter - Henry Oscar
Bedouin - George (I) Plimpton
Driver - Bryan Pringle
Colonel Brighton - Anthony Quayle
Auda Abu Tayi - Anthony (I) Quinn
Mr. Dryden - Claude Rains
Auda's Son - Kamal Rashid
Majid - Gamil Ratib
Farraj - Michel Ray
Majid - Robert Rietty
Infantry General at Field Briefing - John (I) Robinson
Corporal Jenkins - Norman Rossington
Elder Harith - John (I) Ruddock
Turkish Sergeant - Fernando (I) Sancho
Regimental Sergeant Major - Stuart (II) Saunders
Bartender in Officer's Club - Cyril Shaps
Sherif Ali - Omar Sharif
Truck Driver - Roy (I) Stevens
Two British Officers/Arab Sheik - Barry Warren
General Murray - Donald Wolfit
Sergeant at Cairo Headquarters - Fred (I) Bennett
Motor Bike Rider - Steve Birtles
Officer with Pipe Gazing at Lawrence - Robert Bolt
Sheik in Arab Council - Peter (I) Burton
Extra - J.R.M. Chapman
Turkish Pilot - Tim Clutterbuck
Turkish Pilot - John Crewdson
Cavalry General at Field Briefing - Basil Dignam
Daud - John Dimech
Driver in Cairo - Peter Dukelow
Talal - Mohamed El Habachi
Turkish Bey - Jos� (I) Ferrer
Allenby's Aide - Kenneth Fortescue
William Potter - Harry (I) Fowler

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