What are the characters in Leatherheads movie

The characters in Leatherheads movie are
Football Fan - Susan Hope Lee
Clerk - Marian Seldes
Secretary - Sharlene Thomas
Flapper - Jess Barbour
Mrs. Dunn - Hi Bedford-Roberson
Woman at train station - Alexandria Valentine
Football Fan - Meg Watson
Blues Singer - Ledisi Anibade Young
Lexie Littleton - Ren�e Zellweger
Flapper - Mellie Boozer
Lizzy/Flapper - Laura Linda Bradley
Flapper - Sandra Fields
Belinda/Flapper - Heather Goldenhersh
Chicago Teamer - Christy (I) Johnson
Football Fan/Station Master - John (XLI) Allen
Man in Pool - J. Todd Anderson
Game Official - Richard Arboscello
Press - Richard Gaither
Pressbox Reporter - Anthony (IV) Garner
Commisioner - Peter Gerety
Band - Drummer - Marcus Gilmore
Speakeasy Patron - Dennis Gomez
Bakes - Malcolm (I) Goodwin
Speakeasy Soldier - Robert Hy Gorman
Ralph - Tim (I) Griffin
Duluth Reporter - Dave (I) Hager
Game Official - Ray Hammack
Princeton Reporter - Craig S. Harper
Game Official - James Harvley
Mayor - Mert Hatfield
Soldier - Chris (XIV) Hayes
Saul Keller - Grant Heslov
Hardleg - Tommy Hinkley
Pressbox Reporter - Tim (VIII) Holt
Speakeasy Soldier - Ted Huckabee
Writer/Photographer - Tom Huff
Commissioner - Ted (V) Johnson
Football Player - Bobby (III) Jordan
Sideline Photographer/Fan - Andrew R. Kaplan
Chicago Bartender - Stephen (I) Kay
Bulldogs #13 - Zack Kay
Duluth Bulldogs Trainer - Jim Keisler
Chicago Fan - Dan A.R. Kelly
Angry Fan - Richard (VIII) Kelly
Dining Car Guest - Ray Kendrick
Employment Officer - RJ Konner
Carter Rutherford - John Krasinski
Soldier Frank - Dylan Kussman
Big Gus - Keith Loneker
Football Fan - Cody Lowe
Train Platform Passenger/Field Reporter - Bill (XXXII) Martin
Speakeasy Patron - Jess (I) Matney
Game Official - Steve (IV) McClure
Bullhorn Fireman - John (I) McConnell
Chicago Reporter - Craig A. Meyer
Desk Clerk - Dan John Miller
Chicago Teamer - Trey (II) Moore
Cook - Thomas Francis Murphy
Duluth Reporter - George Nannarello
Piano Player - Randy (I) Newman
Stump - Robert (II) Baker
Toledo Referee - Lance (I) Barber
Athletic Club Member on Weight Scale - Maurice Nimmons
Chicago Radio Announcer - Patt Noday
German Soldier - Kyle Nudo
Mickey - Mike (I) O'Malley
Zoom - Nick Paonessa
Commissioner von Manstein - W. Scott Parker III
Voiceover Announcer - David Pasquesi
Soldier in Bar - Thomas Place
CC Frazier - Jonathan Pryce
Eddie - Jeremy Ratchford
Police Sergeant - Scott C. Reynolds
Mr. Dunn - Bill Roberson
Suds - Stephen (I) Root
Speakeasy Patron - John (II) Rutland
Bar Patron - Stefan (I) Schuette
Band - Horn Player - Christian (III) Scott
Athletic Club Trainer - Michael Roy Scott
Reporter - Tommy (I) Scott
Corporal Jack - Ryan Shively
Football Player/Toledo #5/Dayton #37 - Ryan Sloth
Bouncer - Ron Clinton Smith
Reporter - Ron (II) Stafford
Chicago Reporter - William Stine
Pete - Christian Stolte
Joe - Mark Teich
Harvey - Jack (I) Thompson
Voiceover Announcer - Nick (I) Toth
Suicidal Man/Mother of Suicidal Man - John (I) Vance
Duluth Reporter - Danny Vinson
Conductor - Windy Wenderlich
Reporter - Rob G. Wise Sr.
Enthusiastic Fan - Kevin (I) Woods
Bug - Nicholas Bourdages
Band - Piano - David (IX) Bryant
Curly - Matt Bushell
Newspaper Man/Fan - Don (I) Calhoun
Newspaper Man/Fan - Don (II) Calhoun
Mack Steiner - Max Casella
Newspaper Reporter - Jerry Cashman
Chicago Referee - Blake (I) Clark
Dodge Connelly - George Clooney
Leonard - JD Cullum
Band - Bass - Luques Curtis
Scoreboard Fan - Tyler Lee Davis
Princeton Reporter - David (III) de Vries
Soldier - Dedan Donovan
Toledo Player - Jason Drago
Jumper witness - Jeremy Duckworth
Coach Ferguson - Wayne Duvall
Foreman - Randy (II) Farmer
Princeton Reporter - Rick Forrester

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