What are the characters in Leave movie

The characters in Leave movie are
Penelope - Camilla Arfwedson
Party Guest - Sholeh Ashtiani
Phoebe - Josy-Ann Larty
Party Guest - Angie (II) Martin
Party Guest - Liz Mendoza
Cristina - Luwam Mikael
Radio Announcer - Kari Montgomery
Billy's Mother - Page Mosley
Catherine - Ally Ni Chiarain
Ruth - Kathy Rose O'Brien
Billy's Grandmother - Nancy (II) Owens
Party Guest - Amy (I) Pham
Mrs. Fleming - Helen (I) Roche
Mrs. Fleming - Helen (I) Roche
Amy - Vinessa Shaw
Party Guest - Kathy Strouse
Maria - Salom� Boustani
Dee - Amy De Bhr�n
Claire - Michelle Greenidge
Billy's Friend - Jessica Hixson
Eamonn - Ian Lloyd Anderson
Gus - M.C. Gainey
Party Guest - Joshua (I) Gomez
Henry - Rick (II) Gomez
Doctor - Michael Hagerty
Reg - Clifford (II) Hatts
Party Guest - Brett Howell
Chris - Frank John (I) Hughes
Party Guest - Tony Lidyard
Dr. Lieberman - Ron (I) Livingston
Party Guest - James (I) Madio
Girl - Sophie Malcolm
Party Guest - John W. Mann
Party Guest - Aaron (XV) Martin
Party Guest - Joshua (XVI) Martin
Party Guest - Randy (XIV) Martin
Chris at 17 - Gregory Mikurak
Billy's Friend - Frank Mosley
Kwesi Reynolds - Kwesi Reynolds
Ollie - Alexis Rodney
Man 2 - Philip Santiago
Billy's Brother - Gideon Seaman
Man 3 - Julian (II) Shaheen
Party Guest - Steen Haikj�r-Lassen Sherman
Party Guest - Scott Strouse
Sam - Tristam Summers
Henry at 12 - Brandon (I) Waters
Party Guest - Katie (I) Watkins
Man 1 - Colin Wulff
Juan - Kaveh Beyk
Billy - Nicholas Blanton
Bowling Alley Attendant - Juan Campa
Party Guest - Gary (I) Casey
Eliot - Bryan Cranston
Party Guest - Tom Damato
Vo - Jamila Dorsey
Brendan - Moe Dunford
Mark - Ross Dunleavy
Party Guest - Michael W. Evrard
Dark Man - Freddie Joe Farnsworth

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