What are the characters in Liar Liar movie

The characters in Liar Liar movie are
Playground Teacher - Hope (I) Allen
Lady in Elevator - Krista Allen
Passenger on Plane - Kelly Aluise
Stenographer - Carrie (I) Armstrong
Lupe - Christine Avila
Child at Party and School - Mercedes Kastner
Dana Appleton - Swoosie Kurtz
Ms. Berry - Teacher - Marianne Muellerleile
Jane - Cheri Oteri
Child at Party and School - Sara Paxton
Child at Party and School - Ashley Rumph
Airport Observer - Gloria Koehn Straube
Audrey Reede - Maura Tierney
Samantha Cole - Jennifer Tilly
Conference Room Attorney - Vitamin C
Flight Attendant - Brandi Burkett
Publicist - Amanda Carlin
Child at Party and School - Ashley Monique Clark
Miranda - Amanda Donohoe
Conference Room Attorney - Catherine Evans
Airline Passenger - Jill Gable
Conference Room Attorney - Sue Goodman
Greta - Anne (I) Haney
Cole Child - Samantha Heyman
Conference Room Attorney - Michael (I) Adler
Child at Party and School - Edward Amuwa
Colleague - Matthew Arkin
Jail Guard - Steven M. Gagnon
Cole Child - Matthew Michael Goodall
Driver - Mike Grief
Jail Guard - Rick (I) Hill
Pilot - Jim (I) Jansen
Jail Guard - Moon Jones
Passenger on Plane - Richard (IX) Jones
Beggar at Courthouse - Don Keefer
Child at Party and School - David Kikuta
Child at Party and School - Oliver Kindred
Conference Room Attorney - Michael Kostroff
Fred - Anthony (I) Lee
Randy - Ben Lemon
Tow Yard Employee - Michael Leopard
Kenneth Falk - Christopher (I) Mayer
Child at Party and School - Patrick McTavish
Conference Room Attorney - Howard S. Miller
Piano Player - Dennis Napolitano
Conference Room Attorney - Joe Barnaba
Deputy - Craig (I) Barnett
Court Guard - Skip (I) O'Brien
Detective Bryson - Randy Oglesby
Zit Boy - Jarrad Paul
Bailiff - Ernest Perry Jr.
Richard Cole - Eric Pierpoint
Co-Pilot - Terry Rhoads
Beggar at Office - Paul Roache
Mr. Allan - Mitchell (II) Ryan
Sharpo the Clown - Eric (I) Sharp
Child at Party and School - Jacob (I) Stein
Mechanic - Ed Trotta
Skycap - Charles (I) Walker
Judge Marshall Stevens - Jason (I) Bernard
Conference Room Attorney - Benjamin (I) Brown
Cop - Tony Carreiro
Fletcher Reede - Jim Carrey
Police Officer - Stephen James Carver
Conference Room Attorney - Mark (I) Chaet
Skull - Randall 'Tex' Cobb
Max Reede - Justin (I) Cooper
Marshaller - Mark Anthony Cox
Lawyer on Courthouse Stairs - Christopher Darden
Restroom Man - Charlie (I) Dell
Jerry - Cary Elwes
Macho Attorney - Charles (I) Emmett
Pete - SW Fisher
Conference Room Attorney - David Fresco
Child at Party and School - Derrick Friedman

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