What are the characters in Life with Father movie

The characters in Life with Father movie are
Mrs. Wickersham - Mother of Twin Boys - Jean Andren
Hilda - Maid - Faith Kruger
Ellen - Elaine Lange
Maggie - Queenie Leonard
Girl in Employment Office - Betty McDonough
Modest Woman - Claire (I) Meade
Cora - Zasu Pitts
Cleaning Woman - Clara (I) Reid
Mrs. Whitehead - Elisabeth Risdon
Cleaning Woman - Clara (I) Reid
Mrs. Whitehead - Elisabeth Risdon
Nora - Marion (I) Ross
Small Role - Celia Schreck
Nursemaid - Lucille Shamburger
Churchgoer - Amzie Strickland
Mary - Elizabeth (I) Taylor
Churchgoer - Laura Treadwell
Vinnie Day (1953-55) - Lurene Tuttle
VInnie Day - Lurene Tuttle
Margaret - Dorothy Bernard
Miss Wiggins - Clara Blandick
Churchgoer - Gertrude Valerie
Annie - Heather (I) Wilde
Corsetierre - Loie Bridge
Girl at Delmonico's - Arlene Dahl
Margaret - Emma (I) Dunn
Vinnie - Irene Dunne
Delia - Nancy (I) Evans
Nora - Mary (I) Field
Modest Woman - Helena (I) Grant
Churchgoer - Hallene Hill
Girl in Delmonico's - Leza Holland
Girl in Employment Office - Geraldine Jarman
Clarence Day Sr. (1953-55) - Leon Ames
Clarence Day, Sr. - Leon Ames
Operator of Stock Quote Ticker - Russell Arms
Harlan (1953-1955) - Harvey Grant
Harlan Day - Harvey Grant
Rev. Dr. Lloyd - Edmund Gwenn
Father (1955-1956) - Jack Gwillim
Mr. Wickersham - Father of Twin Boys - Creighton Hale
Whitney (1953-1954) - Ronald (I) Keith
Jim - Streetcar Conductor - Fred Kelsey
Morley - Young Clergyman - Douglas (I) Kennedy
John (1953-1954) - Freddie Leiston
Clarence - Jimmy Lydon
Chef - Jack (II) Martin
Waiter at Delmonico's - Thomas (I) Martin
Milk Man - Philo McCullough
Salesman - George Meader
Customer - James (I) Metcalf
John - Martin (I) Milner
William Tyler Wickersham - One of Twins - Michael Mineo
Wilhelmina Eugenia Wickersham - One of Twins - Ralph Mineo
Perkins - John (I) Beck
Whitney (1954-1955) - B.G. Norman
Dr. Humphries - Moroni Olsen
Father - William (I) Powell
Clarence Jr. (1953-1954) - Ralph (I) Reed
Whitney - Freddy Ridgeway
Churchgoer - William Ruhl
Harlan - Derek (I) Scott
Churchgoer - Henry Sylvester
Clarence Jr. (1954-1955) - Steven Terrell
Clarence Day Jr. - Steven Terrell
McCreery's Suit Salesman - Philip Van Zandt
Horse Car Driver - Jock C. Watt
Cashier - Joseph E. Bernard
The Policeman - Monte Blue
Whitney - Johnny Calkins
John (1954-1955) - Malcolm Cassell
Churchgoer - David (I) Cavendish
Fran?ois - Headwaiter at Delmonico's - Jean Del Val
Dr. Somers - Frank (I) Elliott

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