What are the characters in London - The Modern Babylon movie

The characters in London - The Modern Babylon movie are
Herself, student - Priscilla Aroso
Herself - Interviewee - Charlotte Marsh
Herself - Interviewee - Molly Parkin
Herself, artist - Carrie Reichardt
Herself, artist - Carrie Reichardt
Herself - Interviewee - Lil Snoddy
Quotations reader - Imelda Staunton
Quotations reader - Juno Temple
Herself, founder, Kids Company - Camila Batmanghelidjh
Herself, singer and DJ - Bishi (I)
Herself, 106 years - Hetty Bower
Herself - Interviewee - Barbara Cartland
Himself, rap musician - Olushola Ajose
Quotations reader - Keith (I) Allen
Himself, Londoner - Ray (XII) Anderson
Quotations reader - Michael Gambon
Himself - Allen (I) Ginsberg
Himself, actor and musician - Wilfred Gordon
Himself - Interviewee - Michael (I) Horovitz
Himself, butcher and veterinarian - Jefferson (II)
Quotations reader - Steve (VI) Jones
Himself, former mayor of Southwark - Sam (XXI) King
Himself, Calypso singer - Lord (II) Kitchener
Himself, artist - Michael (III) Landy
Himself, musician - Mark (XXXV)
Himself - Malcolm McLaren
Himself, jazz and blues singer - George Melly
Himself, dockers union man, quotations reader - Brian (I) Nicholson
Quotations reader - Bill Nighy
Himself, shopkeeper - Bilal Omar
Quotations reader - Andy Serkis
Himself, market square merchant - Neil (II) Stockwell
Himself, lead singer of Madness - Suggs
Quotations reader - Julien Temple
Himself, Music Promoter - Wilf Walker
Himself - Interviewee - Tony (I) Benn
Himself, historian - Isaac Bigio
Himself, performance artist - Leigh Bowery
Himself - David (I) Bowie
Himself, nightclub owner - Keith (IV) Charles
Himself - Interviewee - Ray (I) Davies

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