What are the characters in Loophole movie

The characters in Loophole movie are
Georgia Hoard - Joanne (I) Jordan
Ruthie Donovan - Dorothy Malone
Classmate, Wife - Shuprova Nipu
Doreen - Gwyneth Powell
Receptionist - Donna Reading
Receptionist - Donna Reading
Dinah Booker - Susannah York
Emily - Bridget Brice
Cleaning Lady - Fanny Carby
Daniels' Daughter - Lisa (II) Coleman
Dorah - Harriet Collins
Daniels' Daughter - Saskia Cox
Daniels' Daughter - Amy Dagley
Frances - Jennifer (I) Granville
Vera - Mary Beth Hughes
Inspector - Clive (I) Graham
2nd Interviewer - Constantine Gregory
Fairbrother - James (I) Grout
Cliff - Christopher Guard
Neil Sanford - Don (I) Haggerty
Driver - Jonathan (I) Hales
David - Terrence Hardiman
Maxwell - Jerry Harte
Police Detective/Interrogator - Don C. Harvey
Psychiatrist - Mahmud Hasan
Mr. Gregory - Gas Station Owner - Jim (I) Hayward
Bank Customer - Bill (I) Hickman
Policeman - Derek Hollis
Matthew - Ian (I) Howarth
Jim - Police Detective - Kenner G. Kemp
Security Man - James Linton
Jim Starling - Dayton Lummis
Harry - Alfred (I) Lynch
Porter - Raymond (I) Mason
Gus Slavin - Charles (I) McGraw
Police Sergeant - Lloyd McGuire
Godfrey - Robert (I) Morley
3rd Interviewer - Timothy Bateson
Herman Tate - Don Beddoe
Police Detective/Interrogator - John (I) Pickard
Taylor - Jonathan Pryce
Protagonist - Aurnab Rana
Pete Mazurki/Tanner - Richard (I) Reeves
Stephen Booker - Martin Sheen
Mike Donovan - Barry (I) Sullivan
Charlie - Cab Driver - Frank Sully
Bank Manager - Phil Tead
Car Park Attendant - Wally Thomas
Lie Detector Technician - Carleton Young
Gardner - Colin Blakely
FBI Agent - John (I) Close
1st Interviewer - James Cobbins
Bank Examiner - Tom (I) Coleman
Mr. Johnson - Bank Examiner - Hal K. Dawson
Bank Employee - Sayre Dearing
Nolan - Tony (I) Doyle
Policeman - George Eldredge
Frank Temple - John (I) Eldredge
Bank Examiner - Charles (I) Ferguson
Mike Daniels - Albert Finney
Sam - Bank Guard - Sam Flint

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