What are the characters in Lotus Eaters movie

The characters in Lotus Eaters movie are
Suzi - Amber (III) Anderson
Producer - Rachel Lee Kolis
Party Guest - Olivia Leng
Saskia - Daisy (I) Lewis
Casting Assistant - Beatrice Lynne
Leni's kid - Maybelle Rainey
Art gallery guest - Anna Ray
Leni - Katrena Rochell
Leni's kid - Maybelle Rainey
Art gallery guest - Anna Ray
Leni - Katrena Rochell
Orna - Cynthia Fortune Ryan
Pool Party Girl - Danielle Victoria Sambrook
Lady Cranmore - Cha Cha Seigne
Sales Assistant - Carrie (II) Shaw
Lotus Eater - Cristina Tamez-Rodriguez
Felix's Mother - Babette Barat
Lottie - Anna Bondareva
Indira - Nicola (II) Wren
Bee-hive Lady - Milica Zekavica
Norway - Serena Brabazon
Bella - Gina Bramhill
Dancer - Vicky Butterfly
Alice - Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Lulu - Jay (III) Choi
Party Friend - Jade Francine Clarke
A Girl in a Car - Tallulah Harlech
Casting Agent - Chloe Jenden
Party Girl - Jessica Butcher
Cafe Customer - Hamed Arif
Director - Jake Gavin
Lotus Eater - Erica-Marie Leduc
Barbara - Manch�n Magan
Avi - Ali Malek
Felix - Benn Northover
Maurice - Jasper Reynolds
Cafe Passerby - Atul (V) Sharma
Silvio - Luke (I) Sheehan
Lotus Eater - Stefanie Sutherland
Soldier - Joseph Taormina
Freddie - Iseult Timmons
Tailor - Joe (I) Wells
Marlon - Alex Wyndham
Singer - Joseph Xorto
Giadaros - Josiah Black
Henry - Peter Bland
Soldier - Jamie Branston
Benedict - Liam Browne
Odysseus - Ryan (V) Bruce
Photographer - Teddy Deegan
Party goer - Morgan Delle Piane
Alalos - Adam DiMarco
Soldier - Sebastien Dryland
Fabrizio - Luke Brandon Field
Charlie - Johnny (III) Flynn

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