What are the characters in Love Takes Flight movie

The characters in Love Takes Flight movie are
Diane Audre - Astrid Allwyn
Baby - Darlene Morwood
Joan Lawson - Beatrice Roberts
Joan Lawson - Beatrice Roberts
Myrtle Johnson - Carol Tevis
Socialite - Ann Evers
Skipper - Harold (I) Goodwin
NBC Announcer - Reed Howes
Grey - Arthur Hoyt
Dave Miller - Edwin Maxwell
Tex Rice - Peter (I) Potter
Woodsy - Henry Roquemore
Spud Johnson - John (I) Sheehan
Donald - Grady (I) Sutton
Bill Parker Sr. - William L. Thorne
Harry Stone - Harry Tyler
Eddie - Brooks Benedict
Neil 'Brad' Bradshaw - Bruce Cabot
Talking Reporter - Lester Dorr
Bartender - Jack (I) Duffy
Bill Parker - Bill (III) Elliott
Tommy Lawson - Elliot (I) Fisher

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