What are the characters in Love, Honor and Behave movie

The characters in Love, Honor and Behave movie are
Party Guest - Vivian Austin
Wheel Watcher at Party - Carole Landis
Barbara Blake - Priscilla Lane
Barbara - as a child - Audrey Leonard
Girl Playing with Young Ted - Priscilla Lyon
Blake's Black Maid - Etta McDaniel
Sally Painter - Barbara O'Neil
Hotel Maid - Myrtle (I) Stedman
Lisa Blake - Mona Barrie
Party Guest - Fern Barry
Parker - MacConaghey's Maid - Lottie (I) Williams
Little Girl - Valeene Calkins
Nurse - Loia Cheaney
Party Guest - Alice Connors
Secretary - Mary (I) Doyle
Nan Bowleigh - Margaret (I) Irving
Count Humbert - Gregory Gaye
Dan's Office Clerk - Jack A. Goodrich
Ping Pong Player at Party - Eddie (I) Graham
Party Guest - John Harron
Yale Tennis Player - William (I) Hopper
Boy Playing with Young Ted - Dickie Jones
Tennis Announcer - Crauford Kent
Jim Blake - John Litel
Dan Painter - Thomas (I) Mitchell
Ted - as a child - Dickie Moore
Ted Painter - Wayne (I) Morris
Wheel Spinner at Party - Jack Mower
Dan's Office Clerk - John J. Richardson
Train Conductor - Cliff Saum
'Fat' Jones - Jay (XVIII) Smith
Dr. 'Mac' MacConaghey - Minor Watson
Dan's Office Clerk - Leo (I) White
Dan's Office Clerk - Jack Wise
Yale Tennis Coach - Donald (I) Briggs
Boy Playing with Young Ted - Tommy Bupp
Construction Hirer - Davison Clark
Prentiss - Painter's Butler - Dudley Dickerson
Richard 'Dick' Winston - Tom Ferrandini
Pete Martin - Dick Foran

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