What are the characters in Love: As You Like It movie

The characters in Love: As You Like It movie are
Barista - Naamah Alva
Party Guest - Amy (II) Jorgensen
Celia - Lenne Klingaman
Phebe - Veronica Mannion
Cafe Patron - Anna (III) Ross
Cafe Patron - Laticha Scott
Cafe Patron - Tessie (I) Tracy
Corinne - Annalisa Bastiani
Ayumi - Ayumi Yu
Audrey - Arielle Brachfeld
Touchstone's Date - Jacqueline Cereceres
Rosalind - Angela Gulner
Red-Haired Girl - Mantissa Johnston
Oliver - Amir Abdullah
Orlando - Sullivan Jones
Silvius - Alan (I) Kaiser
Party Guest - Ricky (III) Lacorte
Party Guest - Jamila (I) Majesty
Jacques - Hugo Pierre Martin
Party Guest - Quintin McFadden
Duke Frederick/Duke Senior - Michael Navarra
Touchstone - Keith Barletta
Party Guest - Gerry (VI) Reyes
Cafe Patron - Corey J. Roberts
Party Guest - Eric (VI) Snyder
Adam - Stephen Brookins
William - Colin (II) Cotter
Amiens - Skip Emerson

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