What are the characters in Lovestruck Pancho movie

The characters in Lovestruck Pancho movie are
Party Guest - Dina B.
Charlotte - Kelly McRorie
Police Dispatcher - Angela Oberer
Shannon - Kathy Butler Sandvoss
Mrs. Langley / Peaches - Joan Schuermeyer
Lilly - Catherine Trail
Coroner - Rick (V) Alexander
Bonita - Gina Soto Arias
Mr. Langley - Billy Haake
Videro - Rui (I) Hu
Officer Dickinson - Andrew R. Kaplan
Diego - Diego (IV) Morales
Coroner - Frank (VIII) Nelson
Clerk - Iris Newton
Willy - Jojo Barnes-Jones
Restaurant Manager - George Peroulas
Steve - Todd (III) Rose
Rob Hart - James Self
Marco - Michael (IV) St. Clair
Big Pink Bunny - Tommy Allen Taylor
Chavez - Luis (VII) Vargas
Roger - Ray Biddix
Jesus - Tom (II) Conder
Jesus - Tom (III) Conder
Sergeant Stevens - Darren W. Conrad
Raul - Raul Farroch

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