What are the characters in Magpie movie

The characters in Magpie movie are
Sophia - Tolula Adeyemi
Emily - Daisy (I) Aitkens
Emily's Mum - Veronica Aitkens
Stacey - Renee Knappenberger
Girlfriend - Kate (II) Little
Minnie - Montserrat (I) Lombard
Mia - Emily (I) Pearse
Aisha - Shingai Shoniwa
Olivia Ball - Mika Simmons
Maggie - Ashley Spillers
Herself - Presenter (1968-1974) - Susan Stranks
Jenson - Carina Wan
Maggie - Haley Webb
The Woman - Olivia (I) Williams
Grace - Kezia Burrows
Martha - Maeve Dermody
Woman in Alley - Monique Diaz
Tilly - Kate Edney
Beautician - Jessica Ellerby
Funeral Guest - Vanessa Everts
Liesel - Helen (I) FitzGerald
The Girl - Mia Goth
Emily's Sister - Alicia (III) Gray
Herself - Presenter(1974-1980) - Jenny Hanley
Herself - Mary Hopkin
Himself - Jon (I) Anderson
Robber 1 - James Groom
Drinking Buddy - Terry Groth
Ike - Nyasha Hatendi
Funeral Guest - John Hendren
Philip - Daniel Hershberger
Sterling House Counselor - Jerry Holman
Himself - Tony (II) Kaye
Forest Man - Paul (III) Kennedy
Dougie - Les Kenny-Green
Craig - Alastair Kirton
Pastor - Jim Lile
Magpie - Michael Lipovac
Alex - Dan Louis
Oliver - Chris (XC) Martin
The Trickster - Martin (I) McCann
Himself - Paul McCartney
Himself - Peter (III) Banks
Himself - Presenter (1968-1972) - Tony Bastable
Robber 2 - David (V) Nolan
Businessman - Juhyun Pak
Austin - Shaun Parkes
Himself - Presenter(1972-1980) - Douglas Rae
Batman - Tom (III) Riley
Himself - Presenter(1972-1980) - Mick Robertson
Angry Funeral Guest - Mick (III) Robinson
Tony - Craig (II) Russell
Ray - Adrian Scarborough
Himself - Chris Squire
Morris - Chris Thometz
Peter - Joel Wayne
Jack - James (XLIV) Wilson
Themselves - Yes
The Good Boyfriend - David (L) Young
Himself - Andrew Blackall
Aaron - Paul Boukadakis
Himself - Presenter (1977-1980) - Tommy Boyd
Himself - Presenter (1968-1972) - Pete Brady
Himself - Bill Bruford
Funeral Guest - Shaun (IV) Collins
Chris Bryant - Richard Corgan
Uncle Fester - David (XVI) Day
Phil - Phil Deguara
Rufus - Henry Doulton
Connie - Jackie Elo

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