What are the characters in Married to the Mob movie

The characters in Married to the Mob movie are
Phyllis - O-Lan Jones
Frank's Mom - Maria Karnilova
Angie's First Customer! - Roma Maffia
Singing Beautician/Airport Announcer - Mizan Nunes
Angela de Marco - Michelle Pfeiffer
Connie Russo - Suzie Plakson
Three-Card Monte Victim - Diane Puccerella
Three-Card Monte Victim - Suzanne Puccerella
Three-Card Monte Victim - Diane Puccerella
Three-Card Monte Victim - Suzanne Puccerella
Connie Russo - Mercedes Ruehl
Marie Bondo - Cynthia Stevenson
Karen Lutnick - Nancy (I) Travis
Mrs. 'Fat Man' - Marlene Willoughby
Woman - Blondell Cooper
The Pushy Reporter - Ellie Cornell
Rose - Joan Cusack
Mama Russo - Gina DeAngeles
Pigs Knuckles Shopper - Dodie Demme
Uptown Saleslady - Wilma Dore
Tara - Tara Duckworth
Rita 'Hello Gorgeous' Harcourt - 'Sister' Carol East
Theresa - Ellen Foley
Bikini-Clad FBI Agent - Dee Dee Friedman
Chicken Lickin' Feminist - Alison Gordy
Abused Stewardess - Janet (I) Howard
Chicken Lickin' Server - Lezli Jae
Tony Russo, Jr - Jason (I) Allen
Conductor - Frank Aquilino
Honeymoon Suite Bellboy - Luis (IV) Garc�a
Nick 'The Snake' - Frank Gio
Carlo Whispers - Carlos (I) Giovanni
The Guy at the Piano - Gary Goetzman
'The Fat Man' - Captain Haggerty
A Cappella Singers - True Image
'The Clown' - Chris Isaak
'The Priest' - David Johansen
Ruthless Sniper - Buzz Kilman
Al 'The Worm' - Gary Howard Klar
Tommy Boyle - Paul (I) Lazar
Uncle Joe Russo - Al (III) Lewis
Frank Salerno - Salem Ludwig
Johnny 'King's Roost' King - Warren (I) Miller
The Gal at the Piano - D. Stanton Miranda
Mike Downey - Matthew Modine
Angela's Hairdresser - Charles Napier
Joey de Marco - Anthony J. Nici
The Face of Justice - Obba Babatund�
'Cucumber' Frank de Marco - Alec Baldwin
Abused Ticket Agent - Tim (I) O'Connell
Joey's New Pal - Carlos Anthony Ocasio
Goodwill Hunk - Patrick Phipps
Officer Harris - Arthur (I) Pierce
Ed Benitez - Oliver Platt
Homicide Detective - Colin Quinn
'Butch' - James (I) Reno
Tony Russo - Richard Romanus
Shotgun Marshal - George 'Red' Schwartz
The Zany Reporter - Todd Solondz
Leonard 'Tiptoes' Mazzilli - Joe Spinell
Mr. Spoons - Mr. Spoons
Tony 'The Tiger' Russo - Dean Stockwell
Sourpuss F.B.I. Man - Kenneth Utt
'Stevarino' - Steve Vignari
Mr. Chicken Lickin' - Tracey Walter
Regional Director Franklin - Trey (I) Wilson
The Humane Reporter - Roy Blount Jr.
Goodwill Executive - Gene Borkan
'The Ambassador' - William (VI) Carter
Jimmy 'Fisheggs' Roe - Ralph Corsel
Nick Russo - Cory Danziger
Maitre D' - Daniel Dassin
Samba Band - Pe De Boi
Man getting off elevator - Jonathan Demme
'Lucky' de Marco - Max the (I) Dog
Vinnie 'The Slug' - Frank (I) Ferrara
Sourpuss Immigration Man - Tony (I) Fitzpatrick

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