What are the characters in Meet Again movie

The characters in Meet Again movie are
Choir - Jane Anderson-Brown
Elaine - Isobel (II) King
Party Guest - Karyn Langworthy
Choir - Louise (II) Orchard
Lily Hearst - Evelyn Rei
Lily Hearst - Evelyn Rei
Little Singing Girl - Storm (XV)
Party Guest - Keisha Tia Turner
Anne Smith - Anita Wells-Cock
Lady Brent - Deanne (II) Williamson
Choir/background - Muirenn Brady
Party Guest - Harriet Carrington
Party Guest - Carole Chick
Journalist two - Zahra Deljoui
Party Guest - Donna (V) Evans
Elizabeth - Dulcie Fenton
Hollywood Gem - Keedie Green
Choir - Gill Hayes
Soldier - Edward St John Gillian
German Solidier - Steve (VI) Law
Soldier - Danny Atyeo
Journalist one - Phil (XI) Baker
German solider - Martin (XII) Ross
German Solidier - Ray Stabb
Thomas Hearst - Chris (XV) Todd
Journalist - James (III) Cotter
Choir - Adam (VI) Curtis

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